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12-Month Cash Flow Forecast Excel Template

Use 12-month cash flow Forecast statement templates to convey how efficiently your company manages the inflow and outflow of money. Use a cash flow statement to analyze the availability of liquid assets and your company’s ability to grow and sustain itself long term.

12 Month Cash Flow Forecast Template Excel

This 12-month cash flow forecast template, also called a pro forma cash flow template, to track and compare expected and actual cash flow outcomes on a monthly and yearly basis. Enter the cash on hand at the beginning of each month, and then add the cash receipts (from customers, issuance of stock, and other operations). Finally, add the cash paid out (purchases made, wage expenses, and other cash outflow). Once you enter those values, the built-in formulas will calculate your cash position for each month with.

12 month cash flow forecast example

A cash flow forecast is an estimate of the amount of money you expect your business to take in and pay out over a period of time, including all your projected income and expenses. A forecast normally covers the next 12 month period. However, it can sometimes cover shorter terms such as a week or month.

How to calculate projected cash flow

  1. Find your business’s cash for the beginning of the period. …
  2. Estimate incoming cash for next period. …
  3. Estimate expenses for next period. …
  4. Subtract estimated expenses from income. …
  5. Add cash flow to opening balance.
Do one month at a time.
  1. Enter Your Beginning Balance. For the first month, start your projection with the actual amount of cash your business will have in your bank account.
  2. Estimate Cash Coming In. Fill in all amounts you expect to take in during the month. …
  3. Estimate Cash Going Out. …
  4. Subtract Outlays From Income.
Unlike a budget or calendar year forecast, a rolling 12-month forecast adds one month to the forecast period each time a month is closed so that you are continuously forecasting for 12 months. This enables continuous planning of future performance based on actual performance.
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