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12 Month Sales Forecast for Multiple Products Excel Template

Sales projections are a fundamental part of a business plan, and should support all other components of your plan, including your market analysis, product offerings, and marketing plan. Use these 12 month sales forecast templates to estimate future sales, and ensure the numbers align with the sales numbers provided in your income statement.

12 month sales projection template

So, Use this 12 month sales forecast template to project the future sales of a business across multiple products or services over the course of a year. Enter your estimated monthly sales, and the built-in formulas will calculate annual totals. There is also space to record and track year-over-year sales, so you can pinpoint sales trends

12 Month Sales Forecast Template

Thus, New entrepreneurs frequently ask me for advice about forecasting their sales. These entrepreneurs are always optimistic about the future of their new company. However, when it comes to the details, most aren’t sure how to predict future sales and how much money they’re going to make.

It’s an intimidating task, looking into the future. Moreover, The good thing is, none of us are fortune tellers and none of us know any more about your new business than you do. (If you do happen to be able to see into the future, please just skip the whole startup thing and go play the stock market. It’ll be much easier and make you richer!)

So, my advice is always to just take a deep breath and relax. You’re as well equipped as everyone else to put together a credible, reasonably accurate forecast. Let’s dive right in and figure it out.

Pair your sales forecast with a strong sales process

A sales forecast is only one part of the larger sales picture. This tool gives you a view into the future, but you’ll need to take action to see results. Sales management software can help you organize tasks, set up projects, and engage customers.

As your team members acquire leads and close deals, you can track them through the sales pipeline. A solid sales plan is the foundation of future success.

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