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2021 Monthly Calendar Landscape Excel Template

We all have different strengths, and while some of us flow through computer task with the grace and poise of a swan on water. Others of us flow through a computer task with the grace and poise of a swan trying to use a computer. Consider a common calendar. So, use this 2021 Monthly Calendar Landscape. Often, I need to print a blank calendar for a project so I can write the events – no computer, just me and the paper. It helps me get information down quickly to see if there are any scheduling conflicts.

Monthly Calendar 2021

On this 2021 monthly calendar landscape, I don’t need any federal holidays or type events. Maybe you have any similar scenario, but also fall into the category of “struggle with computers.” If so, then even thinking about printing a blank calendar might feel like you’re a character in any epic show preparing for battle and all of the chaos, struggles, and possible casualties that come with it.

Printable Monthly Calendar 2021

If you can relate, then this 2021 monthly calendar landscape template is definitely for you.

Print it out and you’re done.

But, let’s not stop there.

If you have a desire to learn more or even if you’re experience computer user and need a calendar. I’ll show you how to use this simple calendar design to enter graphics and text for a more visually appealing and fun calendar.

Free Printable Monthly Calendar 2021

This Landscape Calendar template is free, printable, year-long, monthly calendar. The landscape design is proportion to print on letter paper (landscape letter paper size is 11” x 8.5”). Weeks begin with Monday and weekends are highlighted – making it functional business style calendar too. Use it for hanging on a wall or storing in your horizontal project files. Or, if you print it on larger paper, you can use it as a desk calendar.

There you go. You now have a calendar with inserted graphics that represent the manual version.

Download 2021 Monthly Calendar Landscape Excel Template
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