Excel Macro code to Copy Active Worksheet into a New Workbook

How to Copy Active Worksheet into a New Workbook in excel sheet through VBA Macro Code

To use VBA macro code in an Excel spreadsheet, you need to do the following:

  1. Open the Excel spreadsheet where you want to use the macro code.

  2. Press “Alt + F11” to open the VBA developer window.

  3. In the VBA developer window, click the “Insert” menu and select “Module” to create a new module.

  4. Paste the VBA macro code into the module window.

  5. To run the macro, click the “Run” button in the VBA developer window or press “F5” on your keyboard.

Alternatively, you can also create a button or a shortcut key to run the macro. To create a button, go to the “Developer” tab in the main Excel window and click the “Insert” button. Then select a button control and draw it on the worksheet. Right-click the button and select “Assign Macro” to assign the macro code to the button. To create a shortcut key, go to the “Macros” tab in the VBA developer window, select the macro from the list, and click the “Options” button. Then, enter a shortcut key in the “Shortcut key” field.

Note: If you are running the macro for the first time, you may need to enable macros in Excel by going to the “File” tab and selecting “Options.” Under the “Trust Center” settings, click the “Trust Center Settings” button and go to the “Macro Settings” tab. Select “Enable all macros” and click “OK.”

Copy Below VBA Macro Code for Copy Active Worksheet into a New Workbook
Sub CopyWorksheetToNewWorkbook()
ThisWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Copy _
End Sub

Copy Active Worksheet into a New Workbook

Let’s say if you want to copy your active worksheet in a new workbook, just run this macro code and it will do the same for you. It’s a super time saver. You can copy all your active worksheet to new workbook. instead of doing it manually.



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