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Download free Excel & Spreadsheet Templates, Dashboards, Tools and Calculators for Personal and Professional use. Further, We have excel Templates and Dashboards for Invoices, Project Management and Business/ Management Information Systems (MIS). All our templates contains formulas for ease of doing your day day work. Moreover, you can get automated reports and graphs for data visualization.

Also, get calendar and activity planner templates for managing  your day-to-day activities and holidays. Further more. we have budget templates that are helpful in defining your budgets for business and personal finance.

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Promotion Rate Calculator

Promotion Rate Calculator is an excel template to calculate percentage of promotion taking place in …

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Marketing Budget

A marketing budget is a target amount of cost that is essential to promote existing …

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Employee Base Salary Increase Rate Calculator

Employee Base Salary Increase Rate Calculator is an excel template with predefine formulas. This template …

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Credit card payment calculator

Our new Credit Card Payment Calculator will help you calculate your minimum payment and estimate how long …

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Facebook Content Calendar

Facebook Content Calendar is an excel template to plan and execute a week-wise social media …

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Bike Race Timeline

This Bike race timeline came within me because I love mountain biking, and I created …

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UAE VAT Credit Note

Every business entity has to issue a UAE VAT Credit Note, whenever the goods are …

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GST TRAN 2 Return

GST TRAN-2 return is filed by a dealers who are currently registered under GST but …

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Bubble Chart Timeline

If you wish to use drawing tools to create a timeline, there is no limit …

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Casual Leave Application

Casual Leave Application is a ready-to-use excel template that helps us to prepare a leave …

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Retirement Savings Calculator

Retirement savings calculator planning is the preparation of finances for the period after retirement or …

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Offer Decline Rate Calculator

Offer Decline Rate Calculator is a simple excel template with predefine formulas to calculate percentage …

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We Create Your Life Easy With Our Free Excel Templates & Spreadsheet Dashboards

Use free Excel Templates, Tools and Dashboards to create and draft a professional looking dashboards and computation sheet for your personal and business use. You can Explore Calendars, Activity Planners, Invoice Templates, Sales Forecast Sheets, Budget templates and various business information delivering Templates in Excel and Spreadsheet at XLSX Templates. 

These templates, dashboards and tools are useful in various occasions. You can also customize these templates as per your requirement. Modification of fields and data source helps in making the template more relevant.

Learn Microsoft Excel : Blogs and Articles

Learn about various tips and tricks in Microsoft Excel and Spreadsheet. Create best templates and dashboards using free tricks and tutorials in excel and spreadsheet. These tutorial posts are useful for everyone who wants to master the skills in excel and spreadsheet.

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