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Imagine what your 401k balance could be by the time your retirement comes? Our free 401k Calculator can help you estimate how much you could have after investing for a certain number of years. It takes into account your existing balance, annual raises in your salary, your employer’s contributions, and estimated rate of return on investment.

401K calculator Plan

Estimate your 401k balance for future. Enter your current age, age of retirement, your current balance, annual salary, expected annual raise in salary, your annual contribution, your employer’s matching contribution, and the expected annual rate of return.

One of the unique features of this calculator is the option to specify a random rate of return. One that changes from year to year.

You can also track your 401(k) balance over time using the Balance worksheet included in the workbook. It shows a graph comparing your contributions, your employer contributions, and the overall value of the account.

What is your 401k for?

A 401k is an employer-sponsored retirement account. It allows an employee to dedicate a percentage of their pre-tax salary to a retirement account. These funds are invest in a range of vehicles like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and cash.

Is 401k a good retirement plan?

Your investments are limited to funds provided in your employer’s 401(k) program, so may not be able to invest in what you want to. What it means to you: A 401(k) plan is one of the best ways to save for the retirement, and if you can get bonus “match” money from your employer, you can even save more quickly.
401(k)s may not disappear entirely in the next 30 years, but don’t expect 401(k) of tomorrow to be entirely recognizable. Changes may include mandatory enrollment for employees, the passing along of management fees to the account holders. More investment options offered by the employer.

Download 401k Calculator Excel Template

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