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Traditional IRA Calculator

In this article, we discuss the Traditional IRA Calculator which is helpful for you to decide the amount of savings you need to invest for


Simple Tax Estimator

Simple Tax Estimator is an ready-to-use Excel Template that help you compute your federal income tax. So This template consists of computations of adjustments, Tax


Schedule B Calculator

Schedule B Calculator is excel template that consists of calculations of taxable interest and ordinary dividends under Schedule B of Form 1040 and 1040A for


Section 179 Deduction Calculator

Section 179 Deduction Calculator is an excel template that helps to calculate the amount you could save on your tax bill by taking the Section


Roth IRA Calculator

In this article, we will discuss Roth IRA Calculator. This calculator helps you decide the amount of contribution you need to put in Roth IRA


Itemized Deduction Calculator

Itemized Deduction Calculator is an excel template. It also helps the taxpayer to choose between Standard and Itemized Deductions. A taxpayer have to choose between


Child Tax Credit Calculator

Child Tax Credit Calculator is an excel template that help you to easily calculate your Child Tax Credit amount. Child Tax Credit is a provision


Adoption Tax Credit Calculator

Adoption Tax Credit Calculator is ready-to-use excel template which helps you to calculate the Adoption Tax Credit for 4 different scenarios. So, With the help


Adjusted Gross Income Calculator

AGI or Adjusted Gross Income Calculator helps you calculate your tax bracket as well as tax liability. What is Adjusted Gross Income? AGI is the basis of