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Event planning is a lot of work. Event budgets are among the most important aspects of event planning and management. Whether it’s a large concert performance or a small fundraising event, there are a wide range of expenses and revenues to manage—and without a centralized place to track them, important items can fall through the cracks and push you over budget.

Estimating expenses and revenues accurately is essential for managing a successful event. This is especially true for events that will be held on a recurring basis, such as annual conferences, seminars, or company retreats. Event planners should start working on their budgets long before any money changes hands so they have plenty of time to meet financial expectations. Setting an appropriate budget requires careful scrutiny of all expected expenditures and revenue inflows.

In this article, we’ll present three free budget templates that range from simple to complex. We hope these templates will help you organize and analyze your event expenses, improve your estimation skills, and more accurately plan the events you manage.

Event Budget Template – Simple Expense-Revenue Spreadsheet (Free for personal use)

Organizing Event Expenses and Revenues: The Simple Way Free excel template with clear sections to track income and expenses. Easily keep track of personal or business finances related to an upcoming event! Organize personal or business finances related to an upcoming personal or business event! Create a Business Plan now

This free personal budget spreadsheet is useful for personal weekly weekly budgets as well as tracking