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About this Marriage Planner

Marriage Budget Worksheet gives a diverse listing of the things you may want to consider when planning your wedding.
The template contains a wedding budget tool that lets you specify your estimated budget amount, and then adjust the budget percentage you want to assign to the various categories, such as cloths, reception, hotel etc.
The wedding budget template can be accessed in any spreadsheet program, or you can download the printable wedding budget planner.

How to Prepare a Marriage Budget?

Creating your perfect wedding planning starts by designing a well thought out wedding budget. The job of creating a wedding budget might seem stressful but by using our clear cut wedding budget template you will be on your way to creating your perfect budget.
The important detail for creating a budget is to know the wedding budget and see your spending and expenses.

Know what to involve

The actual expenses included in your wedding budget change based on the type of event. These are some categories expected to be included while planning a typical full-scale wedding.

  • Venue
  • Catering
  • Transportation
  • Bride and Groom attire
  • Decoration/Photography

Set your limits

When budgeting for a wedding, first understand the total amount you want to spend or can afford to spend. If you’re not sure how much you can spend on a wedding, examine these things;- Know your current savings and How much you can afford to save monthly.

For example, you’re aiming to spend $15,000. Your wedding is 10 months away, and you currently have $4,000 saved in a wedding fund. You’d need to save $1,400 per month to reach your goal.

Divide your Budget Categories

If you know what you can spend on a wedding and what amount is planned to include, so your next step. This includes dividing your budget into percentages to cover each category.

Importance of Marriage Budget

  • You can figure out your spending, expenses and how much you can afford.
  • To do things in your way
  • Saves you from overspending
  • Plan what is best for you

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