Download Free Inventory management Excel Templates

Download Free Inventory Management Excel Sheet

We have various types of excel templates for managing your inventory level. Further, Our inventory management excel templates has many features. Which Includes inventory inventory reorder level, inventory value per item and inventory stock by inventory type. Moreover, inventory management excel templates in XLSX is useful for all business that requires inventory tracking.

Features of our inventory management excel templates:

  • Inventory list including inventory items, product name, unit price, Qty on hand, purchase price and total value of current inventory.
  • Reorder level for specific inventory items. If the quantity on hand falls below the reorder level, purchase more to replenish what you have sold or consumed.
  • Automatically calculates cost of goods sold (COGS) basis your purchase orders and sales orders using a built-in inventory cost formula.
  • Track inventory value by inventory type. i.e. inventory value of media inventory will be lower than inventory value of paper inventory because items are sold at different rates creating different margins.
  • Inventory stock by inventory type. So you know how much to order when reordering an item based on usage trends by inventory type.
  • Change the color of specific cells within our template to indicate alarms, success or other important information for your convenience.
  • Calculates inventory turnover ratio over a period of time (years).
  • Formulas are inbuilt, to avoid circular references that may cause problems in other excel templates.
All Our Excel Templates are Compatible with : Microsoft Office Excel, Libra Office, WPS Office, Google WorkSheet. You can simply download our XLSX File Format and use it.
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