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Equipment Sign Out Sheet Excel Template

simple sign out sheet is useful to you if you frequently lend or check out your tools, equipment, books, or other items. You can get a head start on creating your own printable sign out sheet by downloading the template. This template is design to customize and print and keep attach to a clipboard or within a 3-ring binder.

I came across a form like this used by one of my college professors. He used a checkout sheet to keep track of books he lent out. Companies and organizations with many tools and employees that will often use barcode scanners linked to inventory management software. But, there are plenty of situations where a simple pen-and-paper sign out sheet works well.


This template provides a basic printable sign out form. There are two worksheets in this file. However, the first worksheet is for tracking a single piece of equipment. The second is for checking out multiple tools using the same form.

There are no formulas for calculations in this spreadsheet. Thus ,you can change the layout, columns widths, and column labels as and when needed.

What is an Equipment Sign Out Sheet?

An equipment sign out sheet is a tool use by the equipment managers, IT and facilities, and materials managers to keep track of equipment and company assets. It typically includes details of the employee checking the equipment sign out, equipment type, and any reported damage.


A good equipment sign out sheet should allow staff to record relevant details about equipment during check out, employees handling the equipment, issuance policies, and agreement on the usage of company assets.

  1. Equipment details

    Equipment details should include all identifying feature, such as a barcode, equipment number, or any accessories of the equipment. Usage details must include to help management plan for future purchases.

  2. Employee details

    Include the employees’ full name, employee number, and contact details. Signatures require on sign out form to confirm checkout.

  3. Issuance and/ or Return Dates

    Include specific dates for issuance and the date when the item must be return. This design help an organization’s equipment circulation.

  4. Proof of Condition

    Take photo evidence and detail notes of any existing damage found on the device. This is also important for maintenance checks and assigning responsibility of intentional or accidental employee damage.

  5. Usage Agreement

    Include in the sign out sheet to ensure important policies to discuss and agreed upon before issuance of the company assets.

Download Equipment Sign Out Sheet Excel Template
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