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UAE VAT Sales Register

UAE VAT Sales Register is a document that maintains records of your sales during a specific period along with details of Output VAT collected on


GST Price Comparison

With continuous requests from our readers as well as authorities for making Pre GST and Post GST Price Comparison Template in excel, today we have


GST Input Output Tax

We have receive requests from our readers for making Monthly GST Input Output Tax Report in which they can maintain and carry forward their previous


GST TRAN 2 Return

GST TRAN-2 return is filed by a dealers who are currently registered under GST but were previously unregistered VAT/Excise. Henceforth, these dealers do not have


GST TRAN 1 Return

GST TRAN-1 Return form is use to claim credit of input of taxes (VAT, Excise) paid under the pre-GST regime issued by the Central Board


GST Sales Register

It is mandatory for all to maintain records of sales and purchase under the new GST regime. Every registered person has to maintain GST Sales


GST Refund Voucher

The long awaited GST Bill has been implemented. A business is liable to claim the refund of Goods and Service Tax before the expiry of


GST Receipt Voucher

GST Receipt Voucher is an mandatory after the implementation of Goods & Service Tax. GST Receipt Voucher A receipt voucher referred to in clause (d)


GST Purchase Register

Under the GST regime, register taxpayers will have to maintain this in order to calculate their Input Tax Credit and hence define the tax liability.


GST Debit Note Format

GST implement from 1st July 2017. As a register business will now have to issue GST Invoice for the supply of taxable goods or services.


GST Payment Voucher

A recipient liable to pay tax under reverse charge is required to issue a GST Payment Voucher at the time of making payment to supplier.


GST Credit Note Format

A registered supplier has to issue a GST Credit Note format to his customer when: The taxable value or the tax charged in the original