Download Free Project Management Excel Templates

Microsoft Excel is a great tool for tracking and managing projects. You can use Excel to plan, monitor, report on, and communicate progress to your team members and stakeholders. The following Project Management Excel templates will help you manage the life-cycle of your project from start to finish by enabling you to keep track of time (and costs) as well as issues that might come up.

Managing Projects with the Excel Project Tracking Template

The Excel project management tracking template is a simple Excel spreadsheet with one worksheet for each project phase (e.g., Planning, Design, Development, etc.) and includes columns for how many hours have been spent on various tasks in that stage of work. You can easily use Excel formulas to automatically calculate how much time has been spent in total on each task. You can also use Excel pivot tables to summarize the project so far by team member or milestone and visually represent the work performed in Excel charts.

Displaying Excel Project Status with the Gantt Chart Template

The Excel gantt chart template enables you to create and display a graphical representation of your project schedule in Excel. Unlike the Excel project tracking spreadsheet, which provides time and cost data for each task, the Excel gantt chart template contains only task names and start and end dates for each task. This Excel gantt chart template is a good way to visualize how tasks relate to one another and the time intervals between each stage of work.

Managing Projects with the Issues Tracking Excel Template

The Excel issues tracking template helps you manage action items, resolution dates, and responsible team members. You can use this Excel spreadsheet as an Excel workbook or Excel template that enables you to track the status of project issues in Excel. The Excel issues tracking template can help you record problems, their causes, and suggested solutions. That way, if the same problem occurs again in the future (and it probably will), you can refer to your Excel issue tracking spreadsheet for guidance on how to resolve it.

Managing Projects with the Project Status Excel Template

The Excel project status template enables you to track multiple milestones for each project phase and summarize the results in a simple chart, such as an Excel gantt chart or Excel timeline. So if your company is agile and you want to report on issues at regular intervals rather than at the end of each phase, then this Excel project status template is a good Excel project management tool for you to use.

These are just some of the Excel templates that you can use to help manage your project.