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Purchase Order Excel Template

This purchase order template for Excel is a simple and budget friendly solution for your business. If you need to create, you may not need special software.

Purchase order template excel

This version includes drop-down lists for selecting the Vendor and the Ship To location, using the technique on the Customer List page.

What is the difference between an invoice and a purchase order?

A Purchase Order is a form for the buyer to communicate specific services and products the buyer agrees to purchase from the seller, including descriptions, quantities and prices. An invoice is created by a seller to bill a client for products and services. A PO is not a bill.

When the seller accepts the PO, it becomes a legally binding agreement between the seller and buyer. The seller will then prepare an invoice as either a receipt for payment already received, or to request payment. When a PO is used, the invoice should include the PO Number as a reference. When products will ship, the seller includes a packing slip in the package which should reference the PO Number and/or Invoice Number.

The purpose of this template is to communicate exactly what you want to buy from the seller, how you want the order and shipment handled, and to provide an official record that can help protect both the buyer and seller if there are problems with the the payment or delivery. A purchase order system is very important in a business when multiple people are handling purchases, inventory, and accounting.

How to create a Purchase Order?  follow these steps:

  1. Customize purchase order spreadsheet by adding your company’s name, contact, and shipping information.
  2. Add the seller’s contact information in the Vendor section.
  3. Save a backup copy of your file (perhaps a separate copy for each major vendor).
  4. After you complete the order form, save a copy for archival purposes.
  5. Save the PO as a PDF file and email it to your supplier.

You can use the Purchase Order Tracker spreadsheet to keep track of the POs that you create. Doing this will also help you know what PO to assign to the next order.

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