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Equipment Caliber log a simple spreadsheet is develop for a company that wants to keep track of their tools and other equipment that were last calibrate. This equipment log includes columns for entering equipment information and location. The date of last calibration, and the number of days until next calibration. The next calibration date you can calculate and conditional formatting require to highlight when a date is over due.

Although you will probably do most of your editing and customization of the template. So, if you upload your file to OneDrive you can access and update the calibration log while you are away from the desk or anywhere else.

This is a simple spreadsheet, designed for a small company that did not need an enterprise calibration management software. There is a lot more you can do using a spreadsheet. For example, if the number of tools you use and maintain is relatively small, you could add a worksheet. For each tool to keep a history of when each tool will calibrate, important measurements you wanted to control, and other information specific to the tool.

You may also want to use our free control chart template to help identify when a tool needs to caliber.

If this sounds like something useful, please contact us and let us know about your specific needs. We can either update this template as per your requirement, or develop a custom solution for your business.

What is equipment calibration log?

Equipment Calibration Log. This equipment calibration log use to document multiple equipment to be calibrated. It records corrective measures for every malfunctioned equipment and log down equipment location for easy identification. Calibration is the process of comparing a reading on one piece of equipment or system, with another piece of equipment in the running of business.

Download Equipment Calibration Log Excel Template

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