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Purchase Order Tracker Excel Template

If you have vendors or suppliers and create more than a few purchase orders tracker per year, you will want to use some type of Purchase Order tracking system. For tracking large numbers of orders, you may want to look for custom PO software or a database solution. However, if you just need something simple for now, this purchase order tracking template may be just right.

Purchase tracker

List all the purchase orders and display a summary of payments made to all or individual vendors. You can choose to show all purchase orders or the orders for a particular supplier.

Purchase order tracker

Purchase order tracker also known as a PO tracking system is a software application used to view the real-time status of purchase orders. Implemented as cloud based software or on-premise, it allows the electronic handling purchase orders for swift and simple PO processing.

What Is Purchase Order (PO) Tracking?

Purchase order tracking means the activity of tracking the cycle of a purchase order so that everyone has complete visibility into the supply chain. This could be real-time tracking of purchase orders or through a manual process.

The main objective of purchase order tracking is to provide real-time visibility to all involve in the procurement process.

How to track purchase spreadsheet in excel?

Certainly, we can use Excel’s Sorting and Filtering feature to sort by date, PO number, vendor, etc. Customize the list of options that show up in the Status drop-down box. Set the status of an order to “Draft” to keep it from showing in the aging summary.

Purchase orders tracking is necessary to keep the world as we know running today. The booming e-commerce community, the global shipping community, and the day to day operations of the coffee shop down the street all depend on purchase orders and tracking monitors in the goods in question.

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