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As laptops get smaller and lighter, you might be wondering if anyone still uses notebooks to take notes regularly. Laptops might seem like no brainer. Studies show that students who take notes by hand often learn more and perform better on exams. Students who take notes using laptop. Writing notes by hand also helps you memorize concepts better and maintain focus by decreasing distractions that are inherent in electronic note taking. To help maximize your learning the old way, we offer notebook paper printable in various line color and paper sizes.

Notebook Page Contents

Below are the list of worksheets included in this printable notebook paper template.

US Letter

This Letter size paper (8.5” x 11.0”) with blue horizontal lines evenly spaced at .25 inches, a red vertical margin line, and white background.

US Letter BW

This Letter size paper (8.5” x 11.0”) with gray horizontal lines evenly spaced at .25 inches, a black vertical margin line, and white background.


Also this size paper (8.5” x 14.0”) with blue horizontal lines evenly spaced at .25 inches, a red vertical margin line, and white background.

Legal BW

Legal size paper (8.5” x 14.0”) with gray horizontal lines evenly spaced at .25 inches, a black vertical margin line, and white background.


This size paper (8.3” x 11.7”) with blue horizontal lines evenly spaced at .25 inches, a red vertical margin line, and white background.


This size paper (8.3” x 11.7”) with gray horizontal lines evenly spaced at .25 inches, a black vertical margin line, and white background.

Using Notebook Paper

Choose a Paper Size

Our free printable includes two paper sizes most commonly used in United States and many US territories – “US Letter” and “Legal.” Hence, US Letter size is the standard size found in schools throughout the country. Thus, Legal, the second most common size in the US, is most often found in professional offices and other businesses. Moreover, A4 paper size is the standard paper size accepted world-wide (except most US territories). So, After you’ve made your paper size selection. Print the notebook paper and put the blank pages in a binder or clipboard.

General Use

No matter which paper size you choose, all line paper is evenly space at .25 inches, which makes it a “narrow rule” notebook paper. A narrow rule notebook will allow you to write more words per page by forcing you to write smaller letters inside the narrow spaces between lines. You can type words in worksheets in Excel. But unless you are looking for a “retro” notebook paper to type on, these printable worksheets are best use as blank notebook paper to write on by hand.

Notebook paper are use in a myriad of different ways. You can keep the record of important dates and track your to-do list. Brainstorm new ideas, sketch concepts, and draw graphs. Create a book, a bullet journal, a meal planner, a journal, a notepad. If you run out of ideas, here are 15 different ways to use a blank notebook.

Single Ruled Paper

You may wonder why there is vertical margin line 1 inch from the left side of the page. Think of this as an old-school way of indenting your writing. Same way you would set a left hand document margin in an electronic word processor like Microsoft Word. Further, if you intend to punch holes in your notebook paper, you would do so behind the margin line where there is usually nothing written. Lastly, the vertical margin line makes it easy to align your text.


Change Paper Size

If you require any paper size that is not included in the notebook paper template. You can easily change the paper size by visiting the “Page Setup” menu and selecting a new paper size.

Change Color Scheme

The white background and standard line color can modify to fit your style.

Download this Notebook Paper template in Excel Format

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