Download Quality Management (QM) module SAP TCODE List In Excel Sheet

Download the complete list of tocodes for SAP Quality Management (QM) module in Excel Sheet. However before you download the file, you should understand how does the Quality Management Module works in SAP.

About SAP Quality Management (QM) module

SAP Quality Management (QM) module is an essential part of SAP ERP that is dedicated to the management of quality in all business processes. It allows organizations to ensure that the products and services they offer meet the required quality standards and comply with regulatory requirements. This module is designed to assist companies in identifying and resolving quality-related issues before they impact the business’s performance. In this blog post, we will explore the key features and benefits of SAP Quality Management module.

Key Tcodes of SAP QM Module

SAP QM has a range of transaction codes (Tcodes) that enable users to perform various functions within the module. Some of the essential Tcodes are:

  1. QM01 – Create Quality Notification
  2. QM02 – Change Quality Notification
  3. QM03 – Display Quality Notification
  4. QA32 – Inspection Lot Creation
  5. QA33 – Display Inspection Lot
  6. QE51N – Results Recording
  7. QP01 – Create Inspection Plan
  8. QP02 – Change Inspection Plan
  9. QP03 – Display Inspection Plan

Download the excel file for complete tcode list for SAP Quality Management (QM) module

Importance of SAP QM

The SAP QM module is crucial in ensuring that the products and services offered by a company meet the necessary quality standards. It plays a significant role in managing quality-related issues and streamlining quality management processes. SAP QM can help organizations reduce the risk of quality-related problems and avoid costly recalls, warranty claims, and customer complaints.

Where SAP QM is Useful

SAP QM is useful in various business processes, including procurement, production, research, and development.

  1. In procurement, the module can help organizations monitor the quality of the materials they receive from suppliers.
  2. In production, SAP QM can ensure that products meet the required quality standards before being released to the market.
  3. In research and development, the module can help companies test and validate new products to ensure they meet quality requirements.

How SAP QM Works

SAP QM works by integrating quality management functions into various business processes. The module allows organizations to define quality inspection plans for various materials and products. Inspection plans can be created based on industry standards or customized to meet specific business requirements. The inspection plans contain specifications for the materials or products to be inspected, the inspection methods to be used, and the frequency of inspections.

When a quality inspection is required, an inspection lot is created, and the inspection plan is assigned to it. The inspection lot contains information about the material or product being inspected, the inspection plan, and the inspection results. Inspection results are recorded in the system, and if the material or product meets the required quality standards, it is released for use or shipment.

In conclusion, SAP Quality Management module is essential for organizations that want to ensure the quality of their products and services. It provides a range of features and functions that enable companies to manage quality-related issues and streamline quality management processes. With SAP QM, companies can reduce the risk of quality-related problems, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance their overall business performance.

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