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Academic Period Allotment System Excel Template

Subject-wise, Teacher-wise, Class-wise Academic Period Allotment System excel template help you design the time table for the whole academic year

It is loaded with various conditional formatting and formulas which help you prepare your school’s time table with least efforts.

Academic Period Allotment System

At beginning of every academic year, the school has to design a viable time table where each class and subject is cover. In addition to this, a proper period load is given to teachers.

Usually, we have seen principals, school supervisors setting school time table. It is very tedious and time-consuming task.

Furthermore, making this template involves input from teachers, supervisors and school management.

Academic Period Allotment System Excel Template

We have create the Academic Period Allotment System after understanding basic working of the process of allotment in detail.

Uses of the Academic Period Allotment System

Academic Period Allotment System Excel Template consists of 8 sheets:

  1. Class-wise Period Allotment
  2. Class-wise Subject of Teacher Allotment
  3. Teacher’s Period of Load
  4. All Class Time Table
  5. Class-wise Time Table
  6. Class-wise Time Table With Teacher’s Name
  7. Teacher-wise Time Table
  8. Teacher’s Free Period Schedule

1. Class-Wise Period Allotment

Go to Class-wise Period Allotment Sheet. It contains 10 tables. 1 for each class. You can make time table for 10 classes in this sheet.

2. Class-wise Subject Teachers Allotment

This sheet is link with Class-wise Period Allotment sheet. Hence, it will directly fetch subjects from the previous sheet.

3. Teacher’s Period Load

Teacher’s period load sheet is made to record period load of 30 teachers. It consists of 30 tables of weekly period load i.e.; one for each teacher.

4. All Class Time Table

In this section, manually insert class-wise and subject-wise details are finalize in previous sheet. This is most crucial part where you need to take intensive care of 3 things:

  1. Allot class-wise and subject-wise total number of periods each class as decide in first sheet of Class-wise period allotment sheet for a whole week.
  2. Ensure no class remains empty.
  3. Ensure no teacher gets two allotments in same period.

5. Class-wise Time Table

Likewise, Class Time Table sheet is auto-populate as it is link with the All Class Time Table sheet that we finish before.

Thus, you are now ready with your class-wise time table.

6. Class-wise Time Table With Teacher’s Name

Thus, Like the previous sheet, this sheet is auto-filled from the All Class Time Table Sheet. In this sheet, all class-wise time tables are there along with the respective teacher’s name.

7. Teacher-wise Time Table

Therefore, All teachers need to be given their own time table for the week. Thus, to easily fill this sheet with least efforts follow following steps:

  • Go to All Class Time Table sheet.
  • Select All using Ctrl + A.
  • So, Apply conditional formatting with condition to change the color of cell bearing a teacher’s name. Thus, This will turn all relevant cells with that particular color.

8. Teacher’s Free Period Schedule

Moreover, The last sheet is Teacher’s Free Period Schedule. Above all, This sheet is also useful when some teachers are absent and you want to allocate the period to another teacher.

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