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Action items Excel Template

Whether you are sitting in a meeting with a laptop or tablet, or sitting at home in an online meeting, a spreadsheet provides a simple way to record ideas and Action items. Especially for online meetings, a Google Sheet can provide an excellent way to work on ideas.

Action items tracker excel

Use this template in your meetings to record and track your items or use it like a simple checklist. It includes a checkbox column that uses a conditional formatting rule to cross out when they are way to complete. Conditional Formatting and Add Cool Features to Your To Do Lists in Excel .

Meeting action items example

This spreadsheet helps you list and rank or ideas by Value and Difficulty. This is a very useful alternative to the traditional method of picking a Priority level for a task. To learn more about this type of ranking, see my PICK Chart page. This template uses a modified version of the PICK method that I have called the “JAM” method, an acronym for Just-Do-It, Abandon or Maybe.

The JAM ranking is similar to the PICK ranking except that it uses a 3×3 matrix instead of 2×2 – allowing you to choose a MEDIUM value and difficulty. The numeric rank ends up being a number between 2-6 and a custom conditional formatting icon set is using to display the symbols.

We’ve compiled the most useful free item templates that managers, team members, stakeholders, and project managers need. Choose from several formats, including Google Docs and Sheets, as well as Microsoft Word and Excel.

What Is an Action Items?

Like any task, an action item is limit in scope and takes, at most, a couple of weeks to complete. Action items often arise from a meeting where small jobs come up over the course of discussion.

An action item at its most basic is broken down into three components: who, what and when.

  • Who: the person responsible for executing the action item
  • What: a short description of what’s to be done
  • When: the deadline

The action items template is similar to the to-do list or a calendar of tasks. The difference is that the action item list can go into greater detail and also track the work as it moves through its life cycle.

Why You Need an Action Items Excel Template

Our action items template captures all the information you need to answer the who, what, when of the task. The template can also go into further detail about how important the task is, potential issues and how to resolve them if they arise.

Again, if you’re in a meeting and the task comes up, our template is there, so you can define the end goal and the steps require to accomplish it. The action items template also allows you to prioritize the tasks if there are a large number of items. Once you have the basics down, you can use the template to identify the need of resources. There are columns to monitor, evaluate and update to make sure regarding the work.

When to Use an Action Items Template

This template is an ideal tool to have with you when in a meeting as new tasks come about through discussion. But this template can be used for anything that involves the execution of a task. It is ideal for personal list of the work you have to do, or it can apply like a task list in a project. While in the latter case project management software is more dynamic, if you don’t have such a tool, this template can organize your project work.

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