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Additional Facility Request Letter Excel Template

Additional Facility Request Letter is an excel template that helps you request additional facilities like car, laptop or office space from your employer.

You Just enter details, authorizing authority details, and required facility along with benefit to your company. Thus, your letter is ready to print.

However, The template consists of a pre-drafted letter. Hence, you don’t need to manually type letter.

What is An Additional Facility Request Letter?

A letter that employee issues to his/her employer to demand for additional facility. This facility helps the employee to perform the duties in a better way and benefit the company as a whole.

Moreover, Here are 3 Additional Facility Request Letters for different facilities.

Additional Facility Request

We have created an easy Additional Facility Request Letter with a pre-drafted letter. You just need to enter a few details like your details, sanctioning authority, and the facility along with the benefits. That’s it and your letter is ready.

Additional Facility Request – Laptop

Once you download the desire format, change bolded text in the letter to get your letter ready.

Contents of Additional Facility Request Letter

This template consists of 2 sheets: Data Input Sheet and Additional Facility Request Template.

Data Input Sheet

There are 4 sections in the Data Input Sheet: Employee details, Sanctioning Authority details, Additional Facility Details, and Other Details.

So, Employee details consist of:

Address Line 1
Address Line 2
City and State
Pin code
Ph. No

Also, Sanctioning Authority details include:

Company’s Name
Authorized Personnel Name

Above all, Additional Facility details section consists of the following heads:

Letter Issuing Date
Employee’s Designation
Associated/Employed Since
In case of recent joining (Joined on)
Name of the facility required
Select Reason
Select Benefits

So, You can select the additional facility, reason and benefit from the dropdown list.

Also, We have mentioned 3 additional facilities generally required in and office. Therefore, It also consists of the reason and the benefit it will give to the company. Also, Other details section is used to create the dropdown list. Also, You can even change them as per your needs.

Additional Facility Request Letter Template

You can print all three types of letters just by entering the details in the Data Input Sheet. Select your desired facility, the reason and its benefit from the dropdown list. The cells are linked to the data input sheet. It automatically fetches the required data.

However, The cells have been designated to place the required data. Hence, there will more space near the credentials. We have given other formats for your ease.

Download Additional Facility Request Letter Excel Template
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