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If you are renting your own properties or scheduling company resources, an availability calendar template can be very useful. Moreover, The spreadsheet can be a useful tool for property management, especially if you are trying to do the property management all by yourself. So, This allows renters or employees that are scheduling the property to view current availability.

Scheduling Assistant Outlook

Thus, This calendar uses Unicode symbols for triangles and squares to block out the times that are reserve. This version is not compatible with Google Sheets.

Schedule Availability

Entering Reservations: Furthermore, To the side of the calendar worksheet, you’ll see a place to enter Check In and Check Out dates in a Reservations table. So, Just enter dates into that table and the times will be blocked out in the calendar automatically.

Calendar Settings: Thus, You can change the year, month, and start day for the calendar in the Calendar Settings section in the sidebar.

Printing: Also, You can print your availability calendar to a PDF if you want to send the PDF to a potential renter. However, making the Google Sheets version of the calendar “View Only” and providing a link to the calendar may be an easier way to share it.

Embedding on a Website: Moreover, The technically savvy may be able to figure out how to embed a live worksheet on their website.

Rental Calendar

It’s no surprise that at Clockwise we’re all about adding precious hours back into your week — that’s why we’re here. And it’s also why we search high and low for the best availability. Calendar tools that’ll help you schedule meetings without dreaded back-and-forth. Time is precious and these three user-friendly scheduling tools will help you leverage it.

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a member of a large enterprise. This post will take the guesswork out of deciding if a scheduling tool is best pick for your needs.

Download Availability Calendar Excel Template

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