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Baby Food Log Excel Template

Baby Food Log is a document which helps you to maintain records and timetables for your baby’s food. You can also record the type of food given to the baby, timings, reaction to new foods etc. all these things in this template. So, This template can be helpful to new mothers, caretakers, and babysitters.

Infants and growing children need utmost care and mothers have to maintain baby’s food log from the beginning to know whether it suits the baby’s stomach or not. Apart from this, the baby can’t speak and thus a mother has to know the timings of  baby when they require food.

Therefore, To help you easily manage these things and keep a track of things given to the baby, we have created a simple and easy Baby Food Log Excel Template.

Contents of Monthly Baby Food Log Excel Template

Baby Food Log Template consists of 2 sections:

  1. Baby’s Information
  2. Baby’s Monthly Food Log

1. Baby’s Information

This section consists of basic information about baby like name, age, weight, height, and gender. Also, If you want you can also add other details according to your requirements.

2.Baby’s Monthly Food Log

Monthly Food log consists of following columns:

Date: Date of month in dd/mm/yy format. You just need to enter first date of the month. It has predefine formulas and will automatically display dates for the rest of the month.

Day: Day column consists of a predefined formula and will automatically name of the weekday next to the respective date.

Breakfast: Just below heading of breakfast you can record the routine timing at which you feed your baby.

Lunch: Similar to Breakfast. Enter time and food given to the baby for lunch in this column.

Dinner: Similar to Above. Enter time and food given to the baby for dinner in this column.

Milk Feeds and other Drinks: You need to enter milk or other drinkables giving to the baby in this column.

Reaction / Digestive Issues: In this section, if your baby has any kind of reactions to any food you can record that. You can also record any digestive issues.

Remarks: In this section, you can record any unusual activity by baby light over crying, not playing, pale, etc. This will help the pediatrician to know more about the baby when you visit them.

Thus, this Baby Food Log is helpful in many ways to us.

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