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Blood Pressure Log Excel Template

Our blood pressure chart and blood pressure log allow you to track your blood pressure, for you in being aware of and gaining control over your blood pressure and health. Since normal blood pressure levels can change with age, weight, height and other factors, you should consult your doctor or caregiver to determine your appropriate targeted blood pressure, which should be entered into the blood pressure log.

Free blood pressure chart

When you measure your blood pressure, you are not always near to your computer. This printable blood pressure log allows you to write down your results no matter.

Blood pressure log excel

This blood pressure chart spreadsheet lets you track your systolic (SBP) & diastolic (DBP) blood pressures over a period of time.

Remember to enter notes next to your entries regarding diet, exercise, and stress level, so that you can see the effects they may have your blood pressure.

Using the Blood Pressure Chart

The Blood Pressure Chart can be a great aid in gaining control over your blood pressure, and overall your health.

  1. Enter your target blood pressure.
  2. Next, each time you take your blood pressure, use the printable blood pressure log to simply write in the date, time, pressure readings and any notes.
  3. Finally, create a visual representation of your blood pressure readings over time using this spreadsheet to enter the dates, times, SBP, and DBP. This chart helps you to quickly see trends.

Medicine, herbal remedies, caffeine, exercise, diet and other things can affect your blood pressure. Make sure to track these things in notes next to your blood pressure entries. This can help you see what kind of affect they have.

Tips to get accurate blood pressure readings

You can take your blood pressure at anytime. The following tips will give you better results:

  • Use the restroom before.
  • Wait for at least half an hour after having consumed caffeine, alcohol, medicine, or herbal remedies.
  • Rest and relax for around 4 minutes beforehand.
  • Follow the correct process of measuring your blood pressure, based on the type of device you’re using (digital blood pressure monitor or manual blood pressure methods).
Download Blood Pressure Log Excel Template
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