Download Breastfeeding Log Template In Excel

Breastfeeding Log is a ready excel template that helps a mother to record feeding times easily along with a recommended feeding schedule for the first year for a newborn.

An adequate amount of breastfeeding is necessary for newborn child. Hence, doctors recommend in maintaining a log of breastfeeding.

Why Breastfeeding Is Important?

There are many benefits of breastfeeding. First and foremost is that is the natural source and has no side effects. It is mostly advisable for a mother to breastfeed the child rather than providing external formula feeding.

Health Benefits of Breastfeeding

  • It provides nutrients required by newborn in proper proportions.
  • Protects from allergies, obesity, and sickness.
  • Easily digestible and hence very fewer chances of diarrhea.
  • Babies have healthier weights.

Other Benefits of Breastfeeding

  • Available as required subject to conditions.
  • It is the right temperature that a newborn requires.
  • It is clean and free.
  • No wastage.
  • Strengthens bond with children.

Breastfeeding and Food Schedule

Giving solid foods at an early stage is not advisable. Please consult your child’s healthcare provider before you do so. External foods shall not be given to the newborn for the initial 4 months.

The reasons are:

  • The intestines of a newborn aren’t developed enough to digest solid foods.
  • It can lead to obesity and improper growth.

Breastfeeding Log Excel Template

We have create a simple and easy Bay Feeding Log Excel Template that will help you record the date, time and duration of the feeding.

In addition to this, there is also a printable version of the same that will help you maintain the record on a printed sheet. This printed sheet you can carry to when you visit your pediatrician.

Furthermore, it also consists of a recommended schedule of feeding that you must follow for the proper growth of the child.

Contents of Breastfeeding Log Excel Template

This template consists of 3 sheets:

  1. Daily Feeding Log.
  2. Printable Feeding Log
  3. Recommended Feeding Schedule for the First Year.

Daily Feeding Log

In this sheet, you can maintain a record of daily feeding with the date, time and duration of the feed. There are two sections in this sheet, one is for personal information of the child and the second section is for daily feeding log.

In the personal information you just need to enter 2 details; the name of the child and birthdate. Once you enter the birthdate, it automatically calculates the age of the child in terms of years, months, and days.

The second section is for a daily feeding log. It consists of the following columns:

Date: Insert Date.
Day: This field is auto-populated. It will fetch day according to your entered date.
Time: Insert Time.
AM/PM: Select AM or PM of time from the drop-down list.
Breast Side: Select breast side, left or right from the drop-down.
Duration: Duration of feeding.
Complications (if any): If there are any problems, you can note them here to report to your pediatrician.

Recommended Breastfeeding Schedule for the First Year

This list has been compiled from earlier. It provides the age-wise recommended amount of feeding newborn must get along with feeding times.

This template is helpful to mothers and pediatricians can also share the same with their patients.

Download this Breastfeeding Log template in Excel Format

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