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Download Budget Calendar Excel Template

A calendar makes busy schedules to manage easily. It keeps track of doctors appointments, meetings and swimming lessons — and can be a useful tool for budgeting.

So, If you’re looking to better organize your financial life, here’s how to get started with a budget calendar.

Budget calendar

Thus, A budget calendar is a calendar that keeps track of payment amounts and dates. Also, It’s a helpful way to estimate how much money will flow in and out in a given month. You can also use the traditional or digital calendar.

Your budget calendar must include:

  • Income. If you earn regular paychecks, or at least know when to expect the next one, add your paydays to the calendar.

  • Bills. Make note of all monthly expenses — like rent or cell phone and credit card bills — plus infrequent costs, such as semi annual car insurance payments and yearly subscription charges or bills.

  • Savings contributions. Scheduling transfers to any account can help you save up for an emergency fund, wedding or other savings goal.

You can certainly log into smaller and irregular transactions, too. However, it might be difficult to pencil in every cup of coffee or anticipate how much you’ll spend at the grocery store for monthly budget calendar.

Budget monthly Planner

Laying out your income, upcoming purchases, debts and goals each month will help you manage your money and reduce surprises. A budget calendar gives you an idea of what you’ll spend and when. It also reminds you to make payments on time, which can prevent fees or a drop in your credit score.

However, Many people like to use a calendar to show when monthly bills need to be paid. This new spreadsheet template allows to create or track your budget by entering expenses directly into a monthly calendar. The amounts you enter are total at the bottom. You can also include other expenses in table below the calendar. In the new version, you can schedule Monthly Bills and these will be summed along with other daily expenses to show the daily balance of expenses.

How to Use the Budget Calendar

I created this template from my Monthly Calendar Template, so it’s best to think of this as simply a calendar that sums up numbers you enter.

Start by updating the year and the month on the top of the worksheet. You can also make duplicate copies of calendar worksheet to use for different months.

Each day of calendar is made up of two columns. Use these column on the left for the description, and the column on the right for the expense amount. Also monthly planner with budget pages.

How to Use this Budget Calendar Excel template

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