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This Car Fleet Manager spreadsheet is the spreadsheet you might need if you are managing more than one car in your company. Also need to do organizing, tracking and reporting in a single excel spreadsheet. So, This spreadsheet will allow you to organizing your car daily trips and regular car services, tracking its trip, mileage, and fuel and creating reports based on those trips, including mileage trip report for tax deduction. This is not a sophisticated Car fleet manager spreadsheet that could cover all your needs, especially recording all of your car technical information (like position monitoring, car on/off time, etc). Thus, It is aim to help you to manage your fleet in a more general purposes. So, It is design specifically for cars, but you can apply it with other fleet types, like motorcycles or boats.

Car Track Fleet

Features that you will get in this spreadsheet are :

Auto Fleet Management

You can monitor and assign cars as well as their drivers base on their availability. There is a daily monitor worksheet that could give information about its availability quickly. Each car will have its own worksheet which could ease to see the history of specific car in one page. All information in this worksheet will be process to give you a summary of your car usage. Summary that you will have are Mileage, Fuel Efficiency, Taken Services and Expenses. You can generate reports base on this summary and use it to evaluate your car or car usage or even your driver performance.

Mileage Log

Specific mileage log category is require for tax deduction purposes. It is a big upgrade of Mileage Log spreadsheet that you might have use. You can easily define it by categorizing your trip into business category. You will get specific car mileage summary in Mileage Report worksheet that you can customize as your official business mileage report for tax deduction.

Fuel Efficiency Calculator

How fuel efficiency is calculate in this spreadsheet? Fuel efficiency is define as fuel consumption mileage per gallon. It is calculate by subtracting the last refueling mileage with the previous refueling mileage and divide by the previous volume. Fuel efficiency depends on type of car, trip situation and driving behavior. For example, you might assign a more fuel-efficient car for more crowded trip traffic. You might send your driver to get some training on driving your company’s car to save more fuel.

Vehicle Fleet Maintenance

You can put your car plan services as in their service books and monitor which car that must be prepared for it. Also, You can set its budget as well where you can see how much expenses that have to be prepared.

Car Fleet Management

You might find that some cars are getting unplanned services more often because of bad car conditions, for example if the cars are rented, or because of reckless drivers where you have to decide either to ask for car changing or give those drivers some training.

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