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Cash Flow Diagram Generator Excel Template

Every business owner understands the importance of tracking business expenses, income, and net cash flow. But many may not realize the value of seeing those financial results in graphical form. Our Cash Flow Diagram Generator is an excellent tool for displaying the business financial results both numerically and visually.

Rationale for Cash Flow Chart

Most business owners utilize variety of programs and spreadsheets to forecast, calculate, and record the results of their business activities. Moreover, Many of those forms are used to assemble expectations and results in cash flow forecasts and cash flow statements. But these numerically based statements may not always allow owner to perceive insights crucial to their business.

The Cash Flow Diagram Generator not only provides numerical information on factors used to build a traditional cash flow statement. It also represents that information in graphical format which can help to visually identify areas of concern or for potential improvement.

Let’s take a closer look at the Cash Flow Diagram Generator.

Cash Flow Diagram Contents

The template consists of two tabs (worksheets). The first tab is entitled “Cash Flow Diagram Generator.” This page you will use when designing your own cash flow reports.

The second tab is “Cash Flow Diagram Example” and it is example used to help illustrate how the template operates.

Of course, you can replace the title with one of your. You can also use controls in Excel to customize it for your own look. For now, we’ll use it as is.

Cash Flow Diagram Generator usage

The Generator is use in a number of ways.

Of course, the Generator is use to project and graphically represent the business’ cash position over any timeframe (we only used thirty days in our Example).

But, it can also use to project and gauge the impact of specific business initiatives. Say the business owner is considering expanding to an additional location. The Generator can help project and analyze risk/benefit of such a move separately from the original location.

Or, it could point out how business’ income and expenses relate to one another under significant growth pressure. Do employee expenses rise disproportionately to income? Such a realization might be more easily identify using the Generator.


Every business owner understands the importance of annual cash flow. The Cash Flow Diagram Generator is a useful tool for aiding the owner’s understanding of this critical business element.

It is easy to use, and it can adapt to a variety of business situations. We created it to help streamline our own business, and hope you find it as helpful as we have!

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