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Currency Conversion Calculator Excel Template

If you need an offline or currency table that you can use for your currency estimation calculator, or you want to learn currency of countries in the world, you can use my excel currency calculator. It also consist of more than 140 currencies value that normalized against 1 US Dollar. So, it will be easy to convert and calculate currencies among them. So use our Currency Conversion Calculator.

Currency Exchange

This excel spreadsheet consist of two worksheet. The first worksheet is calculator worksheet that will convert and calculate any amount from any currency to the amount of currency you expect. You can see result in the blue cell. The second worksheet is currency table. This table used as a reference table for the first worksheet and also can use to learn currency name of countries around the world. You can add unavailable currency in this table, but remember to normalized against 1 USD.

Currency Conversion Calculator

I plan to make a real time currency converter, but probably it will be available in my next version. Just for reminder, you need this as estimation reference, not real reference because the value is changing every time and different in each country. You must update it every time if you want to use it very regularly. You can download file here.

Money Conversion

International businesses have four main uses of the foreign exchange markets.
  • Currency Conversion. Companies, investors, and governments want to be able to convert one currency into another.
  • Currency Hedging.
  • Currency Arbitrage.
  • Currency Speculation.

Currency Conversion Calculator Takeaways

  • Currency exchanges are business that allow customers to swap one currency for another.
  • Currency exchanges are found in physical locations, such as in banks or airports, but are increasingly common online.
  • Currency exchange fees may vary so much that credit card fees may be less than the fees paid through adjusted exchange rates.
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