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Daily Expense Sheet Excel Template

Daily Expense Tracker Excel

Everyone responds to their personal debt differently. Some of us are not concerned and have enough monthly income or savings to cover the debt. Others avoid it at all costs – knowing it could cause a multitude of cascading financial issues in a fragile balance of income and expenses. But, either way, personal financial experts seem to agree on the importance of budgeting – developing a plan that balances your daily expense sheet. In fact, Financial guru Dave Ramsey states that “budgeting is essential to your financial success.” He uses the term zero-based budgeting to explain “a way of budgeting where your income minus your expenses equals zero.”

Daily Expense Sheet Format

Ramsey isn’t encouraging us to spend all the income on consumables but, rather, some of these “expenses” might be savings or investments. The concept is that you can account for all of your money and plan for the future.

That brings us to importance of this free, downloadable Daily Expense Sheet template. Just as creating budget is important in controlling your personal finances. Tracking your expenses is critical in creating budget. This daily expenses sheet will help you record your expenses and determine which of these expenses are require and which ones you can reduce – or eliminate.

Daily Expenses Excel sheet

If you’re already in great place with your personal finances. It’s probably due to purposeful planning and attention to most spending habits. This template has some great tools to drill down deeper on these expenses and help you better understand your spending patterns.


Just to be clear, this template is a “daily expenses spreadsheet” – not a “budget template.” But, since budgeting is an essential part of the financial planning and achieving financial goals, I want to provide a budgeting resource for you. Once you’ve tracked your expenses and evaluated them with expense reports available in this template. You can use this tool as monthly budget worksheet.

Daily Budget Spreadsheet

Let’s start with an overview to help you quickly evaluate if you actually need to download this file. In brief, this expenses template allows you to track and categorize your daily spending. Once recorded, you can use this “Dashboard” page to customize how you view, sort, and display your expenses. This customized view of your expense report – including graphs – can help you understand how you’re spending the money. This spreadsheet also has drop-down menus to help you categorize your regular expenses. You can also change the expense categories so the daily expense sheet meets your personal spending habits.

Download Daily Expense Sheet Excel Template
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