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Editorial Blogging Schedule Excel Template

Editorial Blogging Schedule is ready-to-use excel template to schedule your blog posts date-wise on your website along with multiple editing tool checklists.

It includes date-wise list of topics that you write along with other relevant details. These relevant details include the author’s name, target keywords, current status of the post, etc.

Define your topic, keyword, and inbound as well as outbound links for related topic. In addition to this, it also provides an editing tool checklist for spellcheck, Grammarly and Yoast SEO.

Editorial Blogging Schedule Excel Template

We have create a simple Editorial Blogging Schedule which helps you schedule your blog posts month-wise for a year.

Moreover, it also consists of printable editorial calendar that you can use in a print format. You can share it with your colleagues or team members.

Contents of Editorial Blogging Schedule Excel Template

This template consists of 13 sheets:

  1. Editorial Blogging Schedule (12 Sheet, From Jan-Dec).
  2. Printable Blogging Schedule.

Editorial Blogging Schedule

At the top, there is a month section. When you will enter due date it will automatically fetch month using TEXT Function.

Next to this, there is heading for the total post to date. This is auto-calculate using the COUNTIF Function

To plan blogging calendar this template consists of following columns:

Due Date
Target Keywords
Word Count
Current Status
Yoast Check
Publish Date
If Days Delayed

Editing Tools Checklist

Another tool is Grammarly.

Proper grammar is also needed for post. Improper usage of words makes your post weak. Therefore, using Grammarly check grammar should also be made mandatory before publishing.

The third editing tool is Yoast SEO.

Yoast SEO helps you design according to SEO guidelines and also checks for readability issues. It helps to make your post proper headings, subheadings, transition words and other things that make your post more SEO friendly.

After checking your post through these editing tools,  you can publish the post. Select the status to “Published” from the dropdown list and it will automatically change status to “Yes”.

Enter date on which the post is publish and it will calculate the delay days between the due date and published date.

There are 12 sheets from Jan to Dec, one for each month. Thus you can design your whole year with this Blogging Schedule.

How to Create an Effective Blogging Schedule?

To create an effective blogging schedule follow steps:

  • Determine your blogging schedule.
  • Identify your audience.
  • Determine your blog categories.
  • Brainstorm blog post ideas.
  • Identify holidays and special events.
  • Check and update your editorial calendar.

Benefits of Keeping a Blog Schedule

As a blogger, we are our own editors, marketers, social media managers, designers. Doing all these duties by self often makes tough for us to manage. Usually, it happen that we cannot remain consistent and often get stuck in a blogger’s block.

Thus, a Blogging Schedule can be great help to turn the tables around. The following are some benefits of keeping a Blog Schedule.

  • Keeps you organize.
  • Regular adding of topics saves you from blogger’s block.
  • It helps you stay consistent.
  • It can help you design your marketing plan.
  • Preplanning your content according to event/date will help you gain more engagement from the audience.
  • It helps you develop relevant and timely content.
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