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Employee Database Excel Template

This Employee Database excel Manager is a simple excel template that help you manage information of your employees easily. It is simple because the intention of creating this spreadsheet is to record all employee information in a simple format. Also, map those information in a simple database which can be processed quickly and easily. So, There are summaries and charts built from those data with common excel functions.

Template Contents

  • Employee Database Manager Lite (up to 15 employees)
  • Employee Database Manager Pro 150 (up to 150 employees)

Employee Database Manager Lite

The outlook of Employee information worksheets might not fit your official employee data form. So, if you plan to make it as your form as well. Thus, It is designed as an interface to the employee database worksheet. However, I suggest you to use your official form and use this as a database to process and retrieve employees data.

The idea of creating this spreadsheet is to assign one worksheet to one employee. Set one column to type all needed employee information. This one column data entry will ease grouping of those relate data into a one row employee data in a big database record.

Hence, To accompany employee information form and database worksheet, I added setup worksheet. It is intended to help you writing/selecting correct names. Also titles to minimize any typos which could make them undetected in summary formulas.

If you don’t have many employees to manage, you can insert employee images in each employee data form. But, it is not recommend if you manage hundreds of employees because it will make the size of the file becoming very big.

Employee Database Manager Pro

If you are a Human Resources Manager or an employee who is responsible for managing your company’s employee database. You might think about having those data record in a Microsoft Excel file where you can see it easily with Microsoft Excel program or transfer among other Microsoft Office processor, like Word and PowerPoint.

Thus, The main question that usually arises is what kind of data format that we can use. Do I have to create a table and start typing the data? Or do I have to assign one worksheet to one employee? And how to process the data into a useful chart and summary report?

This Employee Database Manager should answer your questions. It is create with a simple approach to ease you on developing it to meet your company’s specific needs. The approach is to assign one worksheet to one employee and to set all employee information to fill in one single column only. It will make the data mapping of each employees to a single database table easier where one fill column will transpose into one row. And with specific period are separate in those fill columns, it will ease you to group any information on specific period, like year.

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Compatible with : Microsoft Office Excel, Libra Office, WPS Office, Google WorkSheet
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