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Event Calendar Excel Template

Before you purchase any calendar program, take a look at our free Excel event calendar template. It has some automated features that might be just what you are looking for. Whether you want to create or publish a yearly schedule of events, create a printable content calendar, or simply plan your yearly activities using a visual timeline view. This calendar design has some automated features that are worth checking out.

Event Calendar Template Teal Design

This template has control/data page plus five monthly layouts. Each monthly layout has a different design, is on any separate worksheet, and is formatted with different colors.

Special Days

Take a look at any Calendar Preview for a glimpse into the template. On a single date specify, the “To Do” entries display a list of up to four items. The “Holiday” entries display a red flag next to the date and the “Important Events” display blue flag. A “Notes” section and past and previous calendars are on bottom of the calendar.
The worksheet displayed in the Calendar Preview is the first one. The other four layouts are described in the next section.

Event Festival Calendar Template

The setup page is the first worksheet in this template and titled “Todo-Holiday-Event”. Enter “STARTING MONTH” with the drop-down list and the “YEAR” manually. Follow the pattern of the three lists to populate the events – the dates can be entered in mm/dd/yy format and will convert to the format displayed. Then select calendar layout that you prefer.

Unless you enter all events for year at one time, it’s easy for the entries to get out of chronological order. The order won’t affect how the events populate the calendars, but it will make lists a little more challenging to view and manage. I’ve written a previous article with a section that explains how to sort a similar list, and it might be helpful to keep you organized.


The first worksheet, holds the month navigation buttons. In the upper left corner, the two-directional buttons will either move you to the previous month or the next one (see the Navigation image). Changing the month on this worksheet will also change the viewable month on all worksheets.


The print settings for this template default to landscape and A4 paper. The dimensions for A4 are 8.27” x 11.69” (compared to 8.5” x 11” for letter). If you don’t have A4 paper or your printer struggles with these dimensions, change the print settings to use “Letter.” Then make sure the scaling options are set to “Fit Sheet on One Page” and it should print fine. Due to this proportions, the bottom border will be a little larger.

Now you should be able to set up and use this Monthly Event Calendar for your specific application.

Download Event Calendar Excel Template
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