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Family tree 6 generations for my research, I wanted to see more than 4 generations so built family tree 6 generations on a single page. Almost all other 6-generation family tree templates that I’ve gone through make the space for the names way too small and wasted a lost of space on the left side of the page. This is the new design we came up with and it works wonder for showing 6 generations.

Tips to Make a Family Tree

  • Start with what you know ,you and your living relatives.
  • Ask your relatives for using their memories and family documents such as Bibles, birth and marriage certificates, journals and military records.
  • Review websites to see what others have discovered about your family lines. Be careful for some of the family trees on line are not accurate.
  • Focus on primary sources of tree such as copies of birth, census, death and marriage records. Many of these available on line for free or a nominal fee.
  • Be patient – it might take a long time to uncover your genealogy.
  • Consider CAPITALIZING the surname – this will help it stand when reviewing your records
  • List dates as on 1 Jan 1890 to avoid confusion over the formats such as dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy
  • List locations as City/Township, County, State, Country. For example: Las Vegas, Harris County, Texas, USA

6 generations chart

The family tree is printable is in the shape of a fan, with a colorful green tree in the background. Six generations can filled in, spreading out from the center of the semi-circle.

Add your parent’s age together and divide by 2. This is the average generation interval for your immediate family tree. Step 2: Complete this step for your grandparents also, continuing as far as you can be back. Step 3: Take the year of your oldest ancestor’s birthday and subtract it from your own birth year.

Free six generation family tree template
We identified six different generations and labeled their eras.
  • Greatest Generation. These are the people who fought and died in World War II for our freedom.
  • Baby Boomers.
  • Generation X.
  • Generation Y.
  • Millennials.
  • TBD.

Download Family Tree 6 generations Excel Template

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