Download Fuel Consumption Calculator Template In Excel

The fuel consumption calculator is an excel template to calculate average cost and mileage per liter over specific period of time. Cost can be set in own currency since it has no direct relation with written formulas. Mileage also can be set in miles or kilometers. You just have to replace those words in your own terms. This is a useful calculator to measure your vehicle condition on particular journey. Either it is for your own private purposes or company purposes.

Fuel Consumption Per Kilometer

For private or family purposes, you can easily monitor this when your car needs to go to auto repair services shop. You can ask your car for tuning up or let technician to check your fuel system. You can do same if you are managing a number of operational vehicles at your company. If the average fuel consumption tends to decrease, you can ground suspected cars and schedule them for repairs.

Average Fuel Consumption

You might try to create your own formula and calculate it all by yourself. To find average mileage per liter, you can just put total mileage and then divide it with total fuel consumption between subsequent refueling. It is easy if required data can pull exactly. Nowadays, most of cars are equipped with electronic device that will display its fuel consumption in real time. But, most of them will give you average consumption based on all taken journey. They are not giving you information of your single trip, except you reset odometer every time you go.

Car Fuel Consumption

This template provides table that you need to fill per every time you refuel your car. You can allocate one worksheet for each car. By recording all refueling information, you can pull those data every time you need it. As a result, you can track which trip can cause your car to consume more fuel than usual. Why not based on start and end trip? Because the intention is to calculate  average of fuel consumption per car not per trip. If you need more criteria to calculate you can use my Car Fleet Management template.

How To Use Fuel Consumption Calculator

There are three big parts in this one worksheet where you need to pay attention.

These initial data are optional and have no effect in written formula.

  1. Car Model, Number and Department that use it
  2. Maximum Tank Capacity, you can change Liter at the right side of its field to other volume metric unit
  3. Gasoline Type

Car Refueling Data

You must record the required data every time you refuels your car. Remember that refueling can be done after several trips or within one sing but long trip. I put several dummy data to guide you on how to fill it properly.

Required fields are :

  1. Date. the first refueling date, it is assumed that the tank has no fuel left.
  2. Odometer Value
  3. Purchased Volume
  4. Total cost
  5. Gas Station Name (optional)

Remember that you can type required data in cells with white background.

Average Fuel Consumption Summary

There are three columns in this part where you see its calculated numbers (based on refueling information). They are average for all refueling trip, the average for the first and the last four refueling trip. All data inform in mileage and cost per volume (liter). There are green and red markers at left of calculated average at the last two columns. They are used to show you the value comparison between the first and the last four refueling trip.

Real Fuel Consumption

I will explain it base on dummy data inside this spreadsheet. The first refueling average value is calculate by subtracting odometer value from 2nd row with 1st row from refueling table. Then, it is divide by purchase volume from 1st row. That’s why it is assume that the tank has zero fuel in the beginning. The second refueling average is calculate by taking odometer data from row 3 and 2 and divide it with volume data from row, and so on. Then, all calculated values are averaged to get the expected average number.

This fuel consumption calculator spreadsheet is free to be modified for your particular purposes. You can duplicate the worksheet for other cars, duplicate refueling table formulas for more rows and tweak average fuel consumption formula for other specific measurement.

Download this Fuel Consumption Calculator template in Excel Format

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