Garage Sale Inventory List and Sale Tracker

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A garage sale is an informal event to sale for used goods for raise some funds and clearing some spaces in their houses. The term garage sale comes from place where they keep those unwanted items and open their garage as showcase to sell those items. Visitors usually coming from their own neighborhood. If they don’t need money for these items, they usually donate them to people who need them the most. But, if they need money, they can either sell it in their own garage or through some other people garage/second hand stores.

Craigslist Garage Sales

Nowadays, it is easier to sell these item since they can sell them online. But, still, for used items, people are more selective and they prefer to see items directly instead of relying on photos in internet. Common items for sale are toys, clothes, household decorations, books, memorabilia and furniture. In several cities, you can find some stores that sell used items and put Garage Sale signage in front of their stores. Charity events also place where you can buy items where the organizer use this event to raise some funds.

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This garage sale inventory list and sale tracker spreadsheet is a list of all sale items and summarize particular transaction. You can use it as person who want to sell your personal item in your own garage or as a person who organize items from anybody. With this spreadsheet you can track all sale items easily as well as calculate and distribute money to item owners. Also, it should be useful for school students to listing their inventories and summarize their transaction when they plan to open garage sale for raising funds for the school events.

Garage Sale Inventory List and Sale Tracker

Owner List

Use Owner List table to list names of all item owners. Fill white cells only, item’s owner name and phone. Blue cells contain formulas that may calculate number of listed and sold items. You can expand the table to include more important information.

Garage Sale Trail

In this worksheet, you can list all items. You can select owner’s names, item’s first receiving dates, market price, sticker price and actual sale price. If you are opening garage sale more than one day or you have particular store, you can put sold dates in this table as well as buyer’s names and their contact numbers.

This spreadsheet is simple garage sale tracker and calculator spreadsheet. You can modify this spreadsheet to suit your own needs. You can add chart or other summary worksheets. For example, you can add average selling days to measure how long items are stored in your garage. Also, you can summarize which item that are very popular. You can extend its financial calculator to include additional fees like advertising fees, commission and many more.