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You may be wondering, “Who is Gregg, and why is there a paper named after him?” Well, John Robert Gregg is the inventor of a shorthand writing system, which is now known as Gregg Shorthand system. Gregg’s shorthand system is phonetic and it uses elliptical figures for translation. For hobbyists, law-enforcement workers, journalists, and others who require writing paper for shorthand writing, we offer Gregg ruled paper template in classic blue and red lines, as well as in black and white.

Gregg Ruled Notebook

Below is the list of free printable worksheets included in this template.

US Letter

Lined paper with evenly space, blue horizontal lines. Space between each horizontal line measures .34 inches. A thicker red vertical line bisects the page. This worksheet is format in US letter paper size (8.5” x 11.0”).

US Letter BW

Lined paper with evenly space, black horizontal lines. Space between each horizontal line measures .34 inches. A thicker black vertical line bisects the page. This worksheet is format in US letter paper size (8.5” x 11.0”).

Using Gregg Ruled Paper

Design of printable template does not require any work to be done in Excel. The most practical use for the worksheets in this template is to create paper for shorthand writing. Print out as many copies of blank paper as require. Now ready, get set – write! Gregg rule paper is all about speed. Shorthand writing comes in handy when time is limited.

Steno Notebook Gregg Ruled

Since Gregg shorthand is phonetic, it records sound in speech, not the spelling of words. Silent letters are omitted and sounds are recorded as strokes. Practice and memorization is initially required to learn this system. One major disadvantage of Gregg shorthand is that it is difficult to decipher something written a while ago because symbols can seem ambiguous if you don’t recall what was said.

Further, in Gregg shorthand, the position of a written character on one line is not important. In fact, unlike some other shorthand systems, Gregg shorthand are written with unlined paper. This is in contrast to a system such as Pitman shorthand, in which position of the characters on a line is part of how the sounds are interpreted. However, as with any handwritten system, lines create uniformity. Gregg shorthand is known for its simplicity of style, but, it can be confusing to read when it’s a disorganized jumble on the page.

Gregg Ruled Steno Notebook

Which form of shorthand is most popular is up for debate, and depends on what part of the world you are in. For instance, Gregg shorthand is most widely use in the United States, while Pitman shorthand and Teeline shorthand are most popular in the United Kingdom.

You might be wondering why there is a margin line down center of the paper. One popular theory is that it’s there to accelerate writing even further. It takes half time to move your hand from the center of the page back to left hand margin, then it does to move your hand from the right side of the page to left. In short, the line is intended to eliminate excess movement to increase writing speed and efficiency.
The Gregg ruled paper worksheets are formatted in letter size. But you can change the letter paper size if you prefer to work at a different scale.

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