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Home Remodel Budget Excel Template

Home Remodel Budget is a ready excel template that helps you to prepare and compare budget estimates of remodeling of your home.

With this sheet, you can estimate detailed budget for each area of your home individually. This includes areas like the master bedroom, child bedroom, living room, garage, back yard, remodeling an old house on a budget etc.

Additionally, this template displays each section’s budget with graphs. Thus, This helps you to know what amount of budget is allocated to different remodeling on a budget heads.

Furthermore, it displays complete remodeling budget summary of your house/home. It also compares the estimates with actual expenses and displays budget to renovate a house it in graphical format.

Home Remodel Budget Excel Template

We have create an easy Home Remodel Budget Excel Template with predefine formulas and formatting. Insert the require data and your remodeling budget is ready.

Contents of Home Remodel Budget Excel Template

This template consists of 13 sheets: 12 remodel budget sheets, one for each section and 1 sheet for the summary.

Home Remodel Budget Sheet

First, insert name of the section you are preparing the budget for.

The remodel Budget sheet consists of following columns:

Description: Insert remodeling item here.

Vendor/Contractor: Name of the company remodeling the item.

Vendor’s Contact: Vendor contact in detail.

LaborIn this section, insert labor cost as received in quotations. You have 3 options to enter: Economy cost, Standard Cost and Custom cost.

Material: In this section, insert the material cost as received in quotations. You have 3 options to enter: Economy cost, Standard Cost and Custom cost.

Sub Totals: You don’t need to enter anything here as it consists of predefine formulas. Subtotals for labor and material cost are for all three types of quotations.

Actual Cost: Enter actual incurred cost in this column.

Compared To: This column is for comparing quotes with actual cost. You can choose any one of the 3 types of quotation cost to compare.

Difference: This cell shows difference between actual cost and the selected quotation in previous cell.

Work Progress: Insert percentage of respective work completed in this column.

Amount Paid: Insert amount paid in this column. If fully paid to the vendor then enter the full amount and if partially paid enter the partial amount.

Balance: This column shows the outstanding amount by subtracting actual from the amount paid.

Remarks: Enter any remarks if applicable.

Moreover, There are a total of 12 sheets and you can estimate budgets for 12 sections/areas of your home.

In addition to that, you can generate vendor-wise and remodeling item-wise reports using the table filter function.

However, it also displays a pie chart for each remodeling item from the total budget.

Budget Summary

Therefore, This section consists of a summary of total budget estimates made for each area/room/section. All columns in this sheet are auto-populate. Hence, you don’t need to enter anything in this sheet.

The sheet consists of following heads:

Sr. No: Serial Numbers

Room/Area: Fetches name from sheets as the cells are referenced to those cells.

Estimated Expenses: This column fetches the grand total of estimated cost from the respective remodeling sheets.

Actual Expenses: Similarly, this column also fetches the grand total of actual cost from the respective remodeling sheets.

Difference: Thus, Display the difference between Actual cost and estimated costs.

At the end, it displays the grand total for estimates, actual and difference.

Moreover, taking into consideration above data of estimates vs actual expenses, the template displays it in a graphical format.

This template can be helpful to individuals, contractors, or real estate agents looking after client’s properties for planning remodeling budgets.

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