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The Hoshin Kanri X matrix  is a single-page document that includes goals, strategies, strategic projects, and owners.

Hoshin Kanri Matrix

Mostly Hoshin Kanri is a management technique developed by Professor Yoji Akao in Japan in the 1950s. He believed that “Each person is expert in his or her own job, and designed to use the collective thinking power of all employees to make its organization the best in its field.”

For Instance The Japanese word Hoshin means “direction”Kanri means “control” or “management.” This reflects the intention of the technique to let the strategic goals of the organization guide every decision and action. People who mostly use Hoshin Kanri can often refer to “true north.” They work to get everyone aligned and work toward the same strategic goals.

Why do organizations rely on Hoshin Kanri?

Consequently The five principles of Hoshin Kanri reveal its benefits:

1. The organization’s strategic objectives must be clearly and widely communicated

2. A clear understanding of current state is establish

3. Hoshin Kanri results in widespread engagement of work

4. Hoshin Kanri simplifies resource prioritization utmost

5. Leaders gain valuable performance insight with this plan

     7 Steps of Hoshin Kanri
  1.  Firstly Establish the Vision and Assess Current State.
  2.  Secondly Develop Breakthrough Objectives of business
  3. Further Define Annual Objectives and plans
  4. Moreover Cascade Goals Throughout the Organization.
  5.  Execute Annual Objectives of organization
  6.  Monthly Reviews.
  7. : Annual Review.

Hoshin Planning Process

The purpose of Hoshin Planning is to improve communications in the company, also reducing the waste created by poor direction or bad management at any level

Hoshin Planning

Above all the Hoshin Kanri planning design enables leaders to break down long-term business goals into actionable activities. Doing this allows the organization to achieve its goals incrementally. As a result this also ensures that all activities that the company exerts efforts are in support of their long-term goals. In other words this template is designed by the Japanese expert to give complete focus on efficiency of every individual.

Download Hoshin Kanri Matrix Excel Template

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