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Latitude Longitude Calculator Excel Template

To use this latitude longitude calculator is simple, just fill the coordinate you want to convert in input box and see the result in output box. The formula being used to convert is as follow :

Conversion from degrees, minutes, and seconds to decimal
Coordinate example : Latitude 21o33’24” S or 21 degrees, 33 minutes and 24 seconds with South direction
The formula : Decimal degrees = degrees + minutes/60 + seconds/3600
Applied formula : 21 + 33/60 + 24/3600
Result : 21.55667
Direction rule : South and West are negative, North and East are positive
Final result : -21.55667

Conversion from decimal to degrees, minutes, and seconds
Coordinate example : Latitude -21.55667
The formula :
Degree = D.ddddd (decimal degree) – 0.ddddd
Minutes =  M.mmmmm (0.ddddd x 60) – 0.mmmmm
Seconds = 0.mmmmm x 60
Applied formula :
Degree = 21.55667 – 0.55667 = 21
Minutes = 0.55667 x 60 = 33.40020 – 0.40020 = 33
Seconds = 0.40020 x 60 = 24.01200
Result : 21o33’24.012″ and you can round up the seconds into two digits only
Direction rule : South and West are negative, North and East are positive
Final result : 21o33’24” S

You can learn about applying the excel function to interpret those formulas above in the latitude longitude calculator. And you can download the file here.

This page can be used to convert latitude and longitude coordinates.

Deg:  Min: Sec:Degrees: Minutes.M: Decimal Degrees: The formulas are as follows:

Degrees Minutes Seconds to Degrees Minutes.m
Degrees = Degrees
Minutes.m = Minutes + (Seconds / 60)

Degrees Minutes.m to Decimal Degrees
.d = M.m / 60
Decimal Degrees = Degrees + .d

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