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Accounting System for Manufacturing Company is an Excel spreadsheet that record and create financial report for manufacturing companies. Manufacturing Business Accounting company is a type of company that purchases raw materials, process them into salable finished goods. There are many companies that fall into this type and most of them are having their own brands. Like Nike, one of leading sportswear industry who manufactures shoes, t-shirts, jerseys and many more. Their factories are spread in several countries. Thus, Reason for these are to minimize raw materials and direct labor cost as well as their factory overhead. Moreover, If you are accounting or financial students, or you are working in those areas, you may understand it very well.

Accounting for Manufacturing Company

Thus, This manufacturing business accounting company uses double-entry bookkeeping method to record any transactions. In accounting, double-entry bookkeeping means every financial entry to an account requires a corresponding and opposite effects in at least two different accounts. So, It needs accounting knowledge to entry all information to correct accounts, though. Thus, It will confuse people if they don’t know its basic terms since debit and credit classification could be different in each journal types.

Manufacturing Accounting

Since this accounting spreadsheet is created for Manufacturing companies, you need to define whether your company falls into this category. Moreover, If your company purchases raw materials and produce it into salable products, then you can declare your company is a manufacturer. So, If your company just sells products buy purchasing similar products from manufacturers or other stores you can try Accounting System for Trading/Retail Company.

Features for Accounting of Manufacturing Operation

To use this spreadsheet properly understanding of double-entry book keeping knowledge is require. Thus, Excel formulas will process any entries into particular financial report automatically but inputting transaction data in incorrect places could yield incorrect calculation. Furthermore, it could make balance sheet become unbalance and give you incorrect financial reports.

1. Home Panel

It consists direct links to particular worksheets. So, All links are formed in Button and they are arranged like a flow chart that should remind you on the next task to do.

2. Integrated Journals and Reports

Hence, This spreadsheet is equip with formulas where all entries will process and calculate to yield financial reports that should be useful to analyze your company’s performance.

3. Simple Journal Entry System

Moreover, There are one general journal and four special journals for recording all of your transactions.

4. Customized Balance Sheet Report

Select accounts that you want to show in Balance Sheet. Hence, Respective values will be calculated and shown automatically. You can see reports in one fiscal period in total and by month.

There is one worksheet to create your own report manually. So,You can copy and paste initial balance sheet report as values and start to customize it.

5. Customized Profit and Loss Report

Similarly to balance sheet, select particular company account that you want to see in Profit and Loss report. And respective values will be calculated and shown automatically based on Journal entries.

6. Customized Cash Flow Report

You can choose which method to present Cash Flow report. There are two methods, Direct and Indirect Method. Thus, Set the accounts you want to see in both methods and respective values will show. But, monthly report is available in Direct Method only.

7. Automatic General Ledger

Hence, Select particular account to show balance for that account. You can toggle debit/credit to see them in positive values.

8. Automatic Depreciation Calculator

There is a formula to calculate depreciation of your company assets automatically. You can put all of your assets that have different purchasing dates and usage period within one table. It should ease you on getting the values to be put on respective journals and reports. It uses a common Straight Line method to depreciate all of your assets. Machines that you use for production can include in this worksheet.

9. Customized Cost of Goods Manufactured Report

Select particular account, type initial raw materials inventory and you will get automatic calculation on Manufacturing Cost.

Download Manufacturing Business Accounting Excel Template

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Once extracted, you can open the file using Excel and start entering data or customizing the template.

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