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Over 60% of patients who take medication for a chronic condition forget to take their pills. And since medications don’t work if not taken as prescribed, that could face a problem. Forgotten pills aren’t only problem when it comes to medication administration. Some patients simply don’t remember taking their dose at all. Going about their day, they’ll ask themselves whether or not they had taken it, and simply can’t recall it. When it happens, they often take a dose just in case. But this can also lead to an unintentional overdose, render the medication ineffectiveness, or increase the chance for negative side effects. If you or someone else in your life is struggling to take medication as prescribed, this medication schedule template can help you take control of the medication administration.

What Is a Medication Schedule?

A medication schedule helps people to track their medications. On this printable medication record there are spots to document:

  • Patient name
  • Day of week
  • Drug name
  • Dosage of medicine
  • Time medicine was taken

This can help you manage medication for yourself or anyone in your care.

Who Needs a Medication Schedule?

Caregivers, nurses, and healthcare providers regularly use medication schedules for ease. Anyone who deals with medication management will find this template help them create accurate records.

Medical doctors and nurses must track the medication they administer to their patients. This template can easily be customized for individual patients as well.

Moreover, Medical professionals also record when each dose was given. This is especially important for homes where there are more than one caregiver. There needs to be clear documentation, so no medication gets missed or accidentally administered twice.

Hence, Many family caregivers also keep track of the pills and vitamins their loved ones take. This medication schedule can help them prevent errors in medication administration also.

Finally, some patients use medication schedules to track their own meds. So, For people who are on multiple medications, a medication record can help keep everything organized.

Medication Time Table

When you’re doing medication management, you need to know names and dosages of each of the drugs the patient is on. If there’s only one medication involved, you might not receive as much benefit from the medication schedule template. But, if there are multiple medications with complicated administration instructions, the only way to remember them all is to have a recorded gabapentin a controlled substance.

Lyrica Controlled

Medication schedules also help alleviate caregiver stress. Instead of having to remember all the information, you can simply look at the form and know what medications are being administered, and when the last dose was taken.

You can bring along with the medication schedule to doctor appointments to accurately answer questions about current medicines. This is also a great place to write down answers to questions about new medications the doctor can prescribes, and accurately record the administration schedule. You can also refer to your chart when speaking to any pharmacist or healthcare provider, so any new medications can be checked for possible interactions.

Many older people begin using a medication schedule template when they notice problems with short-term memory loss. Thus, Having a record serves as a reminder, helping them take accurate doses of each medication. This can prevent accidental overdose.

Medication Schedule Template Contents

When you download this Excel file, you will receive three different medication schedule templates:

  • Breakfast Lunch Dinner Food
  • 30 Minute Daily Schedule
  • 15 Minute Daily Schedule

Each form is designed to print on a standard US Letter size paper. All three are in landscape mode to give you plenty of space for each record.

No matter what template you use, you can either customize it or print it out as it is.

If you decide to customize the medication schedule templates, you can:

  • Type in the patient’s name.
  • Add the date.
  • List the medications and dosage so you don’t need to write it in by hand.

Download this Medication Schedule template in Excel Format

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