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While I was preparing the new excel template for European League Fixtures. There were some requests of providing the Men’s Olympic  Football Tournament Schedule which was held in London, England. So, I learned the schedule and the tie-breaker regulation for that tournament. The tournament has the same number of teams (16), almost the same group tie-breaker regulation, and has one match more, compare with Euro 2012 tournament. That one match is a match to fight for bronze medal, or third position of tournament.

Men’s Football Olympics

Based on those facts, I decided to create Men’s Olympic Football 2012 Match Schedule and Scoresheet based on Euro 2012 template. There is not much works I put on this spreadsheet. I have just changed country names, the flag images, and adjusted some translations. I have added new boxes for group drawing, third position match and Olympic medal result. There is only one box I prepare for drawing lots with assumption that there is the possibility of getting the group rank decide by this method is rare. But, I will provide more boxes if it is require, later. And based on some feedback on language translation, I provide custom language translation table where you can fill your own language.

Olympic Men’s Soccer

As I mention before, I modify the group tie-breaker formula based on FIFA document on Men’s Olympic Football Tournament, chapter VII, article 25, clause 5. This tie-breaker is use to reveal the first and second position of each group if there are more than one team sharing the same position. I pasted the regulation below :

The ranking of teams in each group is determine as follows:

  • a) greatest number of points obtained in all group matches;
  • b) goal difference in all group matches;
  • c) greatest number of goals scored in all group matches
    If two or more teams are equal on basis of the above three criteria, their ranking shall be determined as follows:
  • d) greatest number of points obtained in all the group matches between the teams concerned;
  • e) goal difference resulting from all group matches between teams concerned;
  • f) greatest number of goals scored in all group matches between the teams concerned;
  • g) drawing of lots by the FIFA Organizing Committee.

Olympic Football Men

You can follow short guidance below to use this spreadsheet:

  • Open the Excel file Worksheet
  • Go into Schedule Worksheet Tab
  • Change Time zone: Go to cell H4 and select your time zone preference
  • Change Language: Go to cell H2 and select your language preference.
  • Change to your own language: Go to Your Language worksheet Tab, and type your own translation on column C, based on English words in column B. The default words are in English language. You can type your translation title in cell C2, but remember to differentiate the title with existing translation to prevent any mixed up translations. For example, if Germany title translation is already available, you can type Germany2 or Deutsch as your translation title. Then, you can go back to Schedule worksheet tab, and select your custom language from dropdown box in cell H2.
  • Fill the score – Group Matches: Type score results in blue boxes next to team’s names. Once you typing the scores, the team rankings in all groups will be adjusted automatically.
  • Re-rank the position after Drawing of Lots: When two or more teams are still sharing the same position after tie-breaker regulation a) – f) implemented, the drawing of lots box will be shown up below group standing table. And you can re-rank those team, by selecting the team who win the drawing of lots, on blue dropdown boxes.
  • Fill the Score – Knockout Stages: Type score result in normal time boxes, extra time boxes and penalty shoot out boxes. The final score will be revealed automatically if there is any difference in score results.
  • Print The Schedule: Just go to the print menu and print it. All margins are already set up.

Male Football Olympics

If all favorite teams in each group can top their groups and win their first knockout matches, it is interesting to see how Brazil, with Pato, Neymar and Ganso, duel with Great Britain which lead by Ryan Giggs, and how the Euro 2012 champion, Spain, try to cool Mexico off in the semifinals.

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