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Multiplication Table Test Sheet Excel Template

Multiplication Table Test Sheet is a ready excel template that helps a tutor, parent or student to perform a test for multiplication tables. Moreover this template changes the multiples and the base numbers in multiplication problems automatically. So, This helps student to try a new number combination of multiplication problems.

Multiplication Table Test Sheet Excel Template

We have created Multiplication Table Test Sheet Excel Template which is an easy solution to evaluate student’s knowledge of multiplication table with an automatic random number generator.

In addition , this template also consists of the printable version of the same that you can use if computer systems are inadequate.

Select “Enable this content” and click on “Ok”.

This template consists of the 2 Sheets:

  • Multiplication Tables Test Sheet
  • Printable Test Sheet

1. Multiplication Tables Test Sheet

This sheet follows a color pattern; Navy Blue and Light Blue. Light Blue Color Cells are for writing answers and Navy Blue color cells consist of the formulas. Hence, you don’t need to enter or alter any data in these cells.

With the help of this sheet, you can conduct multiplication test on a computer as well as on a printable sheet.

How to Conduct a Test using the Test Template?

At the bottom of the sheet, two range criteria are there.

The range of tables that needs to be tested must enter in the first row.

2. Printable Test Sheet

Printable Sheet is the duplicate of the previous sheet. The only difference is that it is made in Black and White for an eco-friendly version of the test sheet.

This sheet is useful when a tutor/parent doesn’t have an individual computer to allot to students to conduct a test using hard copies.

Ensure to enable the macros, enter the range and click on the “New numbers” button.

Benefits Of Using Multiplication Test Sheet

  1. At the primary stage of education, one of the fundamentally important aspects of mathematics is memorizing and learning Multiplication Tables.
  2. It enables a student to solve the mathematics problems with ease and speed.
  3. It is expected from a student to master the multiplication skills the latest by Grade 5.
Download Multiplication Table Test Sheet Excel Template
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