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Download Loan Calculator Excel Template

The term loan calculator refers to a type of credit in which a sum of money is borrowed from another party in exchange for future repayment of the principal amount. Further, you can also this template as emi calculator in excel. In addition, the lender also adds interest or finance charges to the amount which the borrower must repay. A mortgage may be for a specific, one-time amount, or it may be available as an open-ended line of credit up to a specific limit. There are different forms of loans including secured, unsecured, commercial, and personal loans.

Many business owners needed financing will automatically think to turn to a bank for that funding. So, the relationship between banks and small businesses has been enhanced as more and more banks realize the power and importance of this growing market. Similarly, corporations and real estate developers are looking for entrepreneurs. As well as lenders are looking for entrepreneurs to take up the active stage.

Many banks have added special services for small businesses. Others are simplifying their loan paperwork and approval method to get loans to entrepreneurs faster. The loan approval is based on Numbers and Ratings of business rather than on an entrepreneur’s character or drive.

How to use Loan Calculator or EMI Calculator in EXCEL

A loan payment calculator is an important tool if you’re planning on taking out a financial loan.
Simply to determine how much the loan amount, its interest, and the loan term affect the total amount you’ll be paying. We have created this handy template with simple steps. It is a free loan calculator, and it also lists out your payment schedule on it. Modify your details like balance, interest, and ending balance with this sheet.
You can easily edit the file, you have to know first the appropriate columns you should edit.
In this financial calculator template, there is a lot of information you can see:

The Columns includes-

  • Loan amount – the value you’ll be borrowing
  • Annual interest rate – the interest rate of the loan yearly
  • Loan period in years – the term of the loan annually
  • Start date of the loan – the day when the charges for the loan will begin
  • Monthly payment – the monthly payment duration of the loan
  • Number of payments – Number of payments/instalments
  • Total interest – the total interest
  • The total cost of the loan – the total amount

How to use of Loan Calculator Worksheet

Using the calculator is very easy. With our updated worksheet once you change a value, the results get automatically updated.
Yet, you should only change the loan details like-
Loan amount
Annual interest rate
Loan period in years
Start date of the loan
Now, look at what would happen if you change a single detail in the sheet.
The ‘Number of Payments’ is automatically calculated (multiplied by 12) given that you would have to pay quarterly for the duration of the loan. This is the easiest loan calculator where you can alter the payment periods. Using a loan calculator saves you time from doing calculations. Plus, you’re less likely to get errors.

Importance of Mortgage Calculator

The loan calculator will produce some major results, which helps you to analyze your financial requirements before beginning to buy a home. Because it is not possible to calculate the processing fees or any other charges associated with the loan on your own.
This personal loan calculator can surely ease your tension and also help you in selecting the best personal loan providers in India. It includes a lot of paperwork involved in getting auto loans; therefore, it is advisable to check the references cautiously before signing up for any personal loan.

The personal loan calculator helps you in calculating your Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) on the loan amount and interest rate. Similarly, to calculate the loan amount from the personal finance calculator, you have to enter the amount, the interest rate, value and loan period.

How to Use this Loan Calculator Excel template

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