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Rental Property Management template is a ready-to-use template to maintain records of your property, rent collection with multiple reports.

Thus, a real estate company can easily manage up to 50 properties. Moreover, It helps you list properties, manage complete rent ledger, rental property maintenance records.

In addition to this, this template generates reports like property performance report, Rent Outstanding Report, and Tenant report.

Therefore, Every sheet in this template is made to simplify the process of managing multiple properties. So, All you have to do is to make the relevant entries as and when occurred.

Rental Management Company

Therefore, We have create a simple and easy Rental Property Management System in Excel with predefined formulas to manage multiple properties accounts all in one place.

Moreover, List down your properties, keep records of tenants, property maintenance, and rental ledger. Additionally, this template will generate multiple reports related to property and tenants.

Contents of Rental Property Management Excel Template

This template consists of 9 sheets: Property Type List, Property Details Sheet, Property Performance Report, Tenant Details, Maintenance Accounts, Service provider Details, Rent Ledger, Rent Outstanding Report, Rent manager, Apartment management companies and Late Fee Calculator.

Property Type List

Therefore, Serial number appears automatically. Enter the property type. The property type can be a flat, warehouse, industrial shade, bungalow, Banquet Halls, etc. This data is used to make a drop-down list in other sheets.

Property Details Sheet

Thus, This sheet consists of Property name, Property details etc.

Property Performance Report

Above all, This performance report provides you all the property details along with ROI, purchase price and rent details of an individual property.

So, Only enter the property ID or property number in the light blue column and it will fetch the data for you.

Tenant Details Sheet

Moreover, There are 2 sections in this sheet. The first section is for searching individual tenant details and the second one is for recording details of all tenant currently living at the respective property.

Property Maintenance Accounts

Above all, Every realty property management requires to maintain the gardens, elevator, and other miscellaneous maintenance jobs. So, You can record such expenses monthly in this sheet. The serial number and property number are auto-populate.

Thus, This sheet consists of the following columns all 12 months: Maintenance Description and amount. Therefore, This amount is totaled for each year. The monthly totals for each month are given at the bottom.

Service Provider Details Sheet

Also In this sheet, you need to record the service provider’s details. So, For each task, an AMC or contract is done. Whenever you receive a call for maintenance you can refer this sheet and call the respective service provider.

Rent Ledger

Thus, Rent Ledger consists of monthly details of rent collection.

So, It consists of 3 columns: Previous outstanding, Due rent, Total Outstanding, Rent Received, and Balance Outstanding. If the tenant pays in full then there will be no outstanding.

Above all, In this sheet, you only need to enter previous outstanding and rent received. All the other cells are auto-populate.

Rent Outstanding Report

This report doesn’t require any entry. It fetched data from the rent ledger and display the month-wise and annual outstanding about the respective property.

Late Fee Calculator

In case of any delay in payments by the tenant, you will require to calculate the late fees amount. You can also use this late fee calculator.

So, Insert the property number, due date, and rent receipt date. It will calculate the days. It fetches the late fee schedule from the tenant details sheet and automatically calculates the total late fee amount.

Also, A complete rental property management solution for individuals and real estate companies who manage multiple properties.

Download Rental Property Management Excel Template

To use this free Excel Template, you should have Microsoft Office/ Microsoft Excel. You can only use this template if you have these applications in your system. or Use, Google Sheets. 

After installing Excel or Spreadsheet, download the xlsx file of this template to use it

Once extracted, you can open the file using Excel and start entering data or customizing the template.

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