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Resume And Cover Letter Excel Template

Resume/Cover Letter is a ready-to-use Excel Template which helps to create your resume and cover letter just by feeding your credentials in datasheet.

Usually, newly graduated students or students who are still working and want to do part-time jobs, struggle to make a good resume.

However, With this template, you can make two types of resumes; one is the Resume for a fresher and another for a person with work experience.

Therefore, As you enter your details, the template will also prepare the cover letter that you can attach to your Resume professional reference.

What is a Resume?

A resume is a document used by a person to present their background, skills, and accomplishments. It can be used for many reasons, but most often they are used to secure new employment.

In simple terms, it is summary of your skills, abilities, and accomplishments or you can say a quick biodata of who you are.

Usually, every job position requires applicants to submit a resume along with a cover letter.

Cover Letter for Resume

A cover letter is a one-page letter that provides an overview of your to the organization and describes how relevant you are for the job.

A cover letter must be well-written so that it helps to introduce yourself properly to the company encourages interviewer to read your resume.

It is highly recommended to enclose cover letter with every job application you make.

Tips to Make A Great Resume

You must follow below tips to make your resume stand among other applicants:

  • First and foremost, write custom resume for every job post.
  • Add keywords relevant to job postings.
  • Review relevant resume from industry.
  • Make it brief and simple.
  • List your relevant accomplishments first.
  • Use professional first.
  •  Use active language often.
  • Choose appropriate margins.

Tips to Make An Effective Cover Letter

Most Probably, A cover letter helps you to introduce yourself in a more personal way during job application.

  • Include information that is in your resume.
  • Make it relevant to job position.
  • Make your introduction memorable.
  • Must include specific examples of relevant accomplishments and problems solved to job posting.
  • It should be a concise conclusion of your resume and must include call to action.

Resume/Cover Letter Excel Template

Above all, We have created an Excel Template that helps you create a professional template along with a relevant cover letter in just minutes.

Therefore, You can make 2 types of resumes with this template; one for the fresher and another with work experience. Enter your credentials in datasheet and it’s ready to print.

Contents of Resume/Cover Letter Excel Template

So, This template consists of the 4 sheets:

  1. Datasheet
  2. Covering Letter Template
  3. Resume For Fresher
  4. Resume With Work Experience

Cover Letter Template

Moreover, All the fields in this are auto-populated. No need to make any entries in this sheet. If you want to make any changes in write you can do it according to your need.

Download Resume And Cover Letter Excel Template
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Download Guide

Compatible with : Microsoft Office Excel, Libra Office, WPS Office, Google WorkSheet
  • Download The Template XLSX File Format
  • Use the Template

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