Salary Sheet With Attendance

Salary Sheet With Attendance Template is a ready Excel sheet to maintain records of attendance and calculate the salaries of 40 employees.

What is Salary Sheet

Salary Sheet Excel Template is payroll document in which you can record payroll data for multiple employees along with Salary slip.

Components of Salary

There are three major components of Salary: Basic Pay, Allowances, and Deductions.

Basic Salary

Basic Salary is the fix amount that an employer pays in addition to allowances and subtraction of any deductions. It does not include bonuses, overtime, dearness allowance. Usually, the basic salary is 40% or 50% of CTC. Basic Salary is proportionate to working days.


Moreover, Allowances are the financial benefits an employer provides above the Basic Salary to his employees. So, These allowances differ based on company policy, industry, job profile, and department.


Therefore, Salary deductions are amounts that an employer subtracts from an employee’s gross pay to reach net pay. So, These deductions include Employee Provident fund, Salary Advance, professional tax, TDS

Attendance Sheet

Employee Attendance Sheet is a document which records presence, absence, sick leave, etc of employees for payroll or salary purposes.

Types of Leaves

Generally, there are 7 types of leaves which are as follows:

  • Holidays
  • Earned Leave or Privilege Leave
  • Casual Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Half Pay Leave
  • Quarantine Leave
  • Also, Study Leave or Sabbatical Leave

Attendance sheet with salary in excel format free download

Although, This sheet will ease your payroll calculation and make it simple and quick process. Although, It is now just 3 step process: update attendance regularly, enter Salary Calculations and print Salary Slips. So, Your work is all done. All the files are interlinked with each other. No repetitive tasks.

Employee attendance and salary excel sheet

Moreover, This template consists of 4 sheets: Employee Attendance Sheet, Database Sheet, Consolidation Sheet, and Salary Slip.

Salary Slip

Somehow, Pay slips or Salary slips are an important part of the Payroll process. Salary slip consists of all earnings (fixed and variable) and deductions (fixed and variable) along with the mandatory deductions.

Above all, That’s you need to do to prepare the salary of your colleagues or employees. Enjoy using this simple template to manage the attendance and prepare the salary.