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Salary Sheet Excel Template

Salary Sheet is a ready-to-use template in Excel that helps you to perform the salary calculations with ease.

It is a payroll document in which you can record payroll data for many employees along with a Salary slip prepare which includes provident fund and employee allowances.

What is A Salary Sheet?

A salary Sheet is a document that includes complete details of amount payable to an employee for work done during a particular period. It includes details like basic pay, allowances, deductions, and overtime of employees.

Moreover, A salary sheet or payroll sheet is the Human Resource document that a company uses to calculate the salaries of their employees. So, It is also known as payroll or payroll sheet. However, HR maintains financial records of employees like wages, salaries, deductions, bonuses, holidays, leaves, sick leave, etc. in Payroll.

Generally, Payroll is made daily for wages, weekly, biweekly, or monthly for salaries person. However, It differs from one period to another as it is calculating based on actual working days. Thus, each month working days, overtime, leaves, and other variables are different for each employee.

Salary Slip format in excel with formula

Take-Home Salary = Basic Salary + Allowances – Deductions.

Salary Sheet Format

HR and Payroll staff needs to manage payroll data of employees, which include basic salary, HRA, TA, Conveyance, Leave details, provident fund deductions, etc.

So, We have created an automated Salary Sheet Template with predefined formula. You can prepare the salary of multiple employees within minutes with the help of this template.

Moreover, This template consists of the following three sheets: Employee Database, Consolidation Sheet, and Employee Salary Slip

Therefore, In this sheet, some data input columns have a drop-down menu, which makes it easier for the user to select and enter data. Month, Year, Title, Gender, etc are the drop-down menu

Salary Slip in excel

The salary slip sheet uses VLOOKUP Function to program the sheet. On extreme right, select the name of the employee from the drop-down list. The template displays salary data of the respective employee.

Your Payroll process is complete. This template is very user-friendly and easy to use for everyone. Above all, This template can be helpful for Accounts assistants, Office Admin, HR Assistants, Executive Assistants, etc for preparing salaries.

Download Salary Sheet Excel Template
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Compatible with : Microsoft Office Excel, Libra Office, WPS Office, Google WorkSheet
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