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School PTM Notice Excel Template

Just copy and paste class-wise data along with roll numbers of all the students of the school and PTM Notice is ready to print.

What is School PTM Notice?

Similarly, School Administrator issues a notice with data and time informing the parents to attend a meeting with the teacher at the school. Such notice is known as Parent Teacher Meeting Notice or PTM Notice.

Thus, Depending on the school, PTM takes place in school on a monthly, quarterly or semester basis.

Purpose Of Parents-Teacher Meeting

A Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) is very crucial and unavoidable aspect of academics. Schools conduct these meetings to develop a dialogue between Teacher and the Parent of the students.

Similarly, It helps both of them to understand child properly and take necessary steps for the overall development of the student.

An aspect which plays a very vital role in success of a PTM is full presence of parents. To ensure this, parents need to inform well in advance so that they can plan their schedules accordingly.

When it comes to sending notice to all parents, it becomes a very tedious and time-consuming task; and that too which administration needs to repeat regularly.

School PTM Notice Excel Template

Keeping in mind above points and to simplify process of issuing PTM notice, we have create a simple and easy School PTM Notice Excel Template. Just copy and paste data of the students from your school database and your PTM is ready to print.

School PTM Notice Excel Template will turn into a cakewalk. One time class-wise data entry of student’s and Roll No. wise time slot as decided by the management. That’s it and it is ready to print.

Let us understand how to use this template in detail.

Contents of Excel Template

School PTM Notice Excel Template consists of 3 sheets:

  1. Student’s Database
  2. PTM Printing Allotment Sheet
  3. School PTM Notice Template

Therefore, In this template, do not make any entry in cells with Navy Blue color as they consist of formulas and headings. Enter data in the cell with Light Blue color.

Students Database Sheet

This is the basic data entry sheet of template. Enter class-wise, roll number-wise data of students.

If you have data of students already in another file then just copy data and paste it in this sheet and it’s done.

PTM Printing Allotment Sheet

Student’s Database Sheet bears class-wise data of whole school. This sheet consists of space for single class assuming maximum class strength as 60.

Download School PTM Notice Excel Template
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